Dubai Sustainable Tourism Launches New Initiative

Lindsay Judge   |   25-05-2021

“Get Into The Green Scene”, a new initiative launched by Dubai Sustainable Tourism will highlight ways residents and visitors in the city can incorporate sustainable practices through globally recognised sustainability days.


The idea is to further Dubai’s position as one of the world’s leading sustainable tourist destinations through raising awareness of sustainable attractions in the city and highlight the ease of incorporating sustainable practices into everyday life.



The launch of the ‘Get into the Green Scene’ initiative includes a sustainability calendar, featuring a series of environmental days throughout the year and ways in which people can engage within the theme of each day. Included are simple, but fun eco-conscious actions that promote the city’s natural spaces and hidden gems, as well as spotlighting advocacy organisations, partners and stakeholders that are working towards a more sustainable planet.



The new initiative comes in line with the recent announcement from HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE on the “Year of the 50th” campaign, where sustainability is one of four strategic pillars that will advance the country, support wellbeing and livelihood as well as proactive development and opportunities. DST is well-placed to drive these objectives forward successfully through its strong partnership network across the city.



Yousuf Lootah, Vice Chairman of Dubai Sustainable Tourism, commented on the launch of the initiative: “We are very proud to launch the ‘Get into the Green Scene’, which promotes the ease in which visitors and residents can embrace sustainability-minded behaviours. It also highlights the breadth of work that is being done across Dubai by our partners and stakeholders to ensure a positive impact on our environment as well as ways in which we can work together in support. Often the magnitude of what sustainability entails can be overwhelming, which is why we aim to simplify understanding with action for this initiative to make it more manageable and tangible to people of all ages.”



The calendar forms a calendar of global events that are a change to recognise and build on sustainable choices. Starting with Plastic Bag Free day on 3rd July, as well as International Coastal Clean-up Day on 18th September and World Animal Day on 4th October. For each day local events will raise awareness and draw attention to the subject in hand.