Emirati Astronauts Meet Students at Dubai’s Museum of the Future

Lindsay Judge   |   09-01-2023

Emirati Astronauts Hazza Al Mansoori and Sultan Al Neyadi visited the Dubai Museum of the Future this weekend to take next-generation space enthusiasts on an exclusive tour.


The two astronauts met and engaged with a group of students at the iconic museum, sharing some of their exclusive insights into space exploration along the way.


Aspiring to one day become astronauts themselves, the children had the opportunity to feed their curiosity by asking the astronauts all about their training, their missions, and what it takes to become a young successful spacewalker.



Deputy Executive Director of the Museum of the Future, Majed Al Mansoori said: “We are delighted to welcome two of the Arab world’s most inspirational figures. Since the UAE launched its astronaut programme, interest in space and STEM subjects has skyrocketed among Arab youth. The Museum of the Future is proud to play its part in encouraging and enabling the next generation of scientists to achieve their dreams and lead humanity’s next steps into the unknown.”


The Museum of the Future is a station for all pioneers, for all dreamers, and aspirers, and for anyone who shares our passion for science, knowledge, and continuous experience, for space exploration, foreseeing the future, and working for a better and more beautiful tomorrow. Thank you Hazza and Sultan, for sharing these moments with us, and for spreading hope and inspiration to future generations,” he added.



The tour comes ahead of Al Neyadi’s mission to the International Space Station that will be launching soon. Al Neyadi was one of two people selected from more than 4,000 candidates to become one of the first Emirati astronauts. Along with Al Mansoori, he completed the UAE Astronaut Programme at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC). Al Neyadi will get his chance to become the second Emirati to venture into space and contribute further to humanity’s scientific knowledge.


The Museum of the Future, which features an exhibit themed on a future space station, is a place for young pioneers and dreamers to gather and share their passion for space, knowledge, and learning. It is somewhere for talents and youth to foresee, design, and build the future.


On Level 5, visitors can experience life on board OSS Hope, a depiction of a space station in the year 2071. They can also experience the technologies set to shape our future in the Level 2 exhibition, Tomorrow Today.