Emirati Women’s Day: Meet Alia Al Neyadi

Lindsay Judge   |   28-08-2021

Alia Al Neyadi, the UAE’s first professional ballerina shares her thoughts on the determination and successes of Emirati women.


What does celebrating Emirati Women’s Day mean to you?

Being in UAE, women have a significant role in society and receive great support in pursuing their dreams. This day only accentuates how important it is to value the strength an Emirati woman portrays to the community and an opportunity to celebrate the contributions they make.


How would you assess the journey of Emirati women so far in terms of their achievements?

Times have changed for sure. Many years ago, it was always a challenge to be able to do something outside the box and stay true to that path, nowadays there isn’t anything an Emirati woman can’t do! There has been so much growth and support and for those with ambitious dreams. It is OK for a woman to have goals and still have a family life, and I think that is a picture many outside of our community think is far-fetched, however we have managed to show that it is possible, and it is a reality.


What is your biggest achievement so far?

I got to accomplish many things throughout my career and travel to many places for dance festivals from a young age, however I would say my greatest success is being able to stay true to who I am throughout the journey. My journey took me over twenty years and believe it or not, you learn something even when you are very young. I believe success happens when you are determined and consistent. I am now doing what I love as a full-time job and I have done many great things, but my most valuable achievement is reaching this point and being happy with who I am today.


As an Emirati woman what do you still aim to achieve?

Every day I think about how I can make an even bigger difference and be a huge asset to the young community, it’s never enough for me as long as I can breathe, I know I have to keep doing what I’m doing.


What is your personal motto?

Even though the journey gets tough, keep going!


Who is a woman that inspires you?

My mother. She is passionate about her work, and she only feels happiest when she is doing what she loves, I hope I always feel that way.


What is a message you would send to Emirati ladies on this day of celebration?

Be strong, keep aiming for the stars and never give up! Hard works makes everything a reality! Stay full of positivity and remember there is light at the end of the tunnel.