Emirati Women’s Day: Meet Dr. Sara Al Madani, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Lindsay Judge   |   27-08-2021

Dr. Sara Al Madani, Entrepreneur and Business Owner discusses her successes so far and the importance of Emirati Women’s Day.


What does celebrating Emirati Women’s Day mean to you?

In recent years, there’s been such positive shifts and improvements in the UAE when it comes to gender equality. Women whether locals or expats, have proven their importance and significance in society and thus, this day should be celebrated as a milestone for women across the country.


How would you assess the journey of Emirati women so far in terms of their achievements?

Emirati women are seen breaking the glass ceiling and breaking stereotypes daily. You see women sitting as Directors on Boards, as CEO’s etc. – my assessment of this would be unjust because women are seen working towards their goals every single day.


What is your biggest achievement so far?

Being a role model for women, inspiring them to follow their dreams, and achieving their goals. Another achievement is being a mother and raising a son who strives to make the world a better place and educating him to understand the importance of a woman’s place and believe in gender equality. I’m honoured to be raising a part of the future generation.


As an Emirati woman what do you still aim to achieve?

I want to continue achieving more, setting an example for women to believe in
themselves. I will continue to use every platform that I am given to project my voice to inspire women.


What is your personal motto?

I truly believe in the motto “what you are looking for is looking for you”. Whatever you want in life wants you, you just need to carve your own path to get to it.


Who is a woman that inspires you?

There are too many to name! I meet someone that inspires me every single day. I can’t possibly choose to put the spotlight on one person, it would be unfair towards the others as there are so many unsung heroes whose stories we are yet to hear. However, if I had to pick one person then I would say ME! I have always been there for myself and never gave up no matter what I was going through. I learnt and unlearnt several things, thus I’d say I am my own role model and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with self-love.


What is a message you would send to Emirati ladies on this day of celebration?

Keep living your dreams and free yourself from the chains of society’s expectations. Go out there and make things happen for yourself.