4 Interiors Trends To Try Now

Lindsay Judge   |   11-02-2022

Revamp your home with new elements, colours and styles to add a fresh look to your living environment.


  1. Wooden Elements


Crate And Barrel


Adding wooden accents to your home can completely change its look and feel. Simple pieces such as tables or sideboards will add a vintage-chic touch to your living or dining area.


BOTECO at Minotti


Wood featuring lighter tones will create an airy, open and sophisticated sense, while darker woods will generate a more formal appearance, exuding masculinity. You can also add small wooden elements in the form of accessories to elevate any room.


  1. The Grass is Greener


Aura Living


We all love to be outside in the open but for some of us, that’s not always possible. Whether it’s due to living in an apartment or simply not having time to relax in your garden. One of the best ways to bring the feeling of nature to your interior is by adding green elements.


Fendi Casa


From green walls to soft furnishings to hanging art and accessories. Adding a little of nature’s tone to any room will immediately offer a sense of relaxation and calm.



  1. Dreamy Bedroom


Al Huzaifa


This season is all about making your bedroom an absolute haven. We are talking super-soft pillows, luxurious sheets, and the ultimate in comfort. Decorate your bedroom with natural tones or pastel shades and opt for light, floaty fabrics that are soft to the touch to create a sense of dreaminess.



Finish with a candle or your favourite air diffuser. With all of these elements, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible night’s sleep.



  1. Touch of Gold


Al Huzaifa


Adding gold accents to your home isn’t as easy as you may think. If you add too much you can run the risk of appearing tacky, but too little and it will go unnoticed. So this trend is all about balance. Gold décor on the walls is a great way to add a regal and the same goes for lighting.


Aura Living


Beauty is all in the details, so whether it’s a gold accessory on a sideboard or metallic elements within key pieces of furniture, concentrate on a number of small things to offer and an overall elegant overall finish.