Abeer Sultan Al Ameri Founder and CEO of Salud Design Discusses Her Passion for Interiors

Lindsay Judge   |   22-07-2022

Abeer Sultan Al Ameri has had a passion for design and interiors since a young age, but that love grew when she first visited Europe and discovered some of the luxurious and regal designs of palaces and homes around the world.


When she realised there was a space in the Middle East to bring some of this elegance to homes in the UAE she decided to open her own home decor company. Earlier this year Abeer launched Salud Design and her dream became reality. With her company, Abeer aims to redefine the state of luxury and interior decor in the region by offering clients the best of opulence and elegant interiors in the comfort of their own homes.


Bringing a taste of Europe to the Middle East, Abeer and her team work on a personalised experience with each of their clients to redesign their homes, sourcing antiques and commissioning custom-made furniture pieces to give their homes the regal touch and exceed their imagination. Abeer prides itself in providing the best quality goods and services all the while working harmoniously with top-notch vendors, associates, contractors, and artisans in order to deliver elegant, sophisticated and luxurious homes in the region. As Salud Design opens its first physical boutique in Dubai’s Design District we find out more about the company and the what the future holds for Abeer.


Tell us about your brand Salud Design and what we can expect?

Salud Design is a family-run boutique decor firm. I spearhead the company and my mother works alongside as a consultant, as she has double the years of experience in the field! Working with Salud is a unique experience, we are not interested in enforcing cliché or stereotype decor design; instead, we aim to achieve and turn what our clients dream of, into reality. Our client’s comfort and our complete professionalism are always the topmost priorities throughout the process of every project.



You just opened your first boutique in Dubai Design District what does this moment mean to you?

It’s been a long time coming! I’ve always believed that I’m at my best when I can use my creativity, expertise, and imagination to communicate with others. I’ve worked exceedingly hard, for several years, and I’ve channelled all I’ve learned in life into this business. Now that I’m here, I aim to make it last forever.


Where do your source your pieces and what do you look for when you are sourcing?

Currently, we have international ties with a very exclusive list of antiquarian and furniture manufacturers, so we pin each client’s request and check if a specific piece is currently in stock. If not, we widen our search to auction houses or personal collectors.


In terms of furniture, we custom design most of the furniture to best fit the client’s needs. In the case of antiques, we would determine the value of the object, its condition, and whether or not it would require any renovation, this is then followed by finalising details with regards to finance and shipment. We always make certain that the item is delivered by the most secure and convenient logistical route.


When did you first discover your passion for interior design?

In my second year of college, I began taking drawing lessons and learning how to use AutoCAD and Photoshop. I noticed that the majority of what I would do was interiors and buildings. What further cemented my passion, was my first trip to Europe, post-graduation, where I was completely captivated by the decor of royal palaces.


What are some of the interior trends you are enjoying this year?

I am very excited about bold colours being back on trend, with a mix of tile patterns and wooden walls, it makes for a very warm and intimate setting.



How would you assess the interiors industry and trends in the UAE?

Since 2016, the demand for interior design has been increasing in the UAE, with residential projects accounting for the biggest chunk of the market. New housing construction projects are tied to this growth in demand, which has ushered all kinds of decor trends into the country. At the annual interior design expo, we get to clearly see a magnificent variety showcased. There has undoubtedly been an increase in the diversity of furniture makers and styles, which benefits all those who have relocated and are now living here by providing them with a broader and more comprehensive range of options for furnishing their houses.


What is your personal preference or style when it comes to interior decor?

Vintage Classic. I have always loved it and believe it is the only style that, no matter how old it might be, only grows in value and admiration.


Where is your favourite place to travel for its interiors and décor style?

Austria, Budapest, and Istanbul. Whether in a small family house or a palace, you will always find an interesting piece that tells a magnificent story.


We are looking forward to celebrating Emirati Women’s Day – what does this mean to you and what is a message you would share with other women in the UAE?

I have always said that Emirati women are hardworking women, and while we have only recently seen them in high positions in comparison to other countries, the Emirati woman has been working since the UAE’s inception. Our leaders have opened doors to the entire globe for us and given us their full support to achieve whatever we desire, and we couldn’t be more grateful. We have astronauts, ministers, diplomats, lawyers, physicians and more.



What is a message you would send to women looking to achieve their dreams?

My message to any other woman would be: No matter how powerful you believe you are, increase it by twofold because there is much more to you than you realise. Believe, work hard and always put yourself first.


How do you think the support of Emirati women who want to take on unexpected roles and tasks has increased over the past years?

As I mentioned before, our leaders and our government have provided us with all the resources and tools to attain any position we seek. By offering the highest levels of education, and emotional, and tangible support, they have established a more flexible process and system for women to pursue their goals. As the country develops, we see new employment opportunities being created, and more Emirati women are filling these roles, while also being rewarded and respected for it.


Who has been your biggest support throughout your journey?

Both my parents have always been my number one supporters.


What is something you would still like to achieve that you haven’t done yet?

Just like an antique, I would like to leave a mark and a story about myself for people to share in the feature. Something that I can present to my country and that my children can be proud to be labelled as “The first Emirati Woman to….” I am yet to discover and achieve this.


Who inspires you?

Queen Elizabeth II. I believe she has lived and witnessed every tale that can be told on behalf of a woman, and I also believe she holds the toughest role that will ever exist.


What is a motto or a saying that you live by?

“There is always a solution to every problem which can be achieved through communication.” I have always found that anything can be solved with a simple conversation. Once you talk and share your thoughts, the aspects widen, options expand, and you get closer to resolving the problem.


What else do you want to achieve in 2022?

At the top of my list is to design the interiors of one of the World Island Villas.