Dolce & Gabbana Has Launched a Quirky Candle Collection

Hayley Kadrou   |   13-03-2019

D&G has just elevated the waxy world of candles with these quirky designs that you’re going to want to collect.


D&G Candle in Neroli, closed


D&G Candle in Neroli, open


D&G Candle in Frankincense, closed


D&G Candle in Frankincense, open

Dolce&Gabbana_candle_Pino Mediterraneo_A

D&G Candlein Mediterranean Pine, closed

Dolce&Gabbana_candle_Pino Mediterraneo_B

D&G Candlein Mediterranean Pine, open

Dolce&Gabbana_Candle_Il Nostro Giardino_A

D&G Candle in Our Garden, closed

Dolce&Gabbana_Candle_Il Nostro Giardino_B

D&G Candle in Our Garden, open


D&G Candle in Gentlemen, closed


D&G Candle in Gentlemen, open

If you’re used to luxe candles looking a certain way, it’s time to shake off that expectation as Dolce & Gabanna step up the game.


The Italian fashion house has created six unique candles to launch the line, each featuring a unique scent and design.


The scents featured are; Il nostro Giardino (Our Garden), Neroli, Gentiluomo (Gentleman), Pino Mediterraneo (Mediterranean Pine), Incenso (Frankincense) and Alloro (Laurel).


But what’s more initially striking are the unique vases encasing the wax that D&G have opted for. Each scent is presented in a precious Caltagirone ceramic vase which has been made and hand-painted by local artisans with drawings and decorations. Each tells a story which is as vivid as the scent it offers.


And each one of these tales in the new line relates back to the story of Italy – of love and passion – while paying homage to ancient craft traditions.


The only problem is deciding which one to take a match to first.