Dolce&Gabbana Launches Home Furnishing Line, D&G Casa in Collaboration With Luxury Living

Lindsay Judge   |   29-08-2021

Dolce&Gabbana launched its first home furnishing line Dolce&Gabbana Casa in collaboration with Luxury Living with a spectacular presentation in Venice.


Taking inspiration from their fashion creations and their love of ‘fatto a mano’  (homemade), Dolce&Gabbana designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana worked the same spirit of their clothing and accessories into home furnishings, expanding the world of D&G into new realms.



While the designer duo has forayed into the world of homewares before through their collaboration with Smeg in 2018, but this is the first time a full collection is offered under the DG Casa line. The colourful collection includes everything from seating, to cabinets, to home accessories and soft furnishings, each featuring iconic D&G motifs and patterns.



“With Dolce&Gabbana Casa we wanted to create a unique lifestyle. You need only to behold one of our furnishings or caress a fabric to immediately perceive its foundational values: impeccable craftsmanship, love for the ‘fatto a mano’ (handmade), respect for tradition, and the quest for innovation. The senses of sight, touch, hearing, and smell are constantly stimulated by our creations, which all contribute to the dream of building a habitat ‘tailored’ to your personality, your passions, and your tastes.” Said Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in a statement.



They continued: “Italian culture and Beauty have always been our source of inspiration, from which we have drawn images and evocations. Over the years, these elements have been reinterpreted in a unique lifestyle, conceived in the spirit of the Dolce Vita and the joie de vivre. Indeed, the elegance of our furniture and accessories is never cold and austere, but instead tinged with the most festive tones of lighthearted joy. Perhaps because, for us, Italian Beauty is not limited to the genius of the masters of the Renaissance and Baroque or to the immortal words of the great poets and writers, but extends to our breathtaking landscapes, our wines, and our incomparable cuisine. Whether in the Faraglioni of Capri, in the blue of Sicily’s sea, in the golden beaches of our coasts, or in the pizza, the pasta, and the sundry sweets that distinguish our culinary tradition, there dwells an extraordinary poetry, a taste for the Beautiful and the Well-made that for centuries have regaled the world with unique emotions.”



Reinforcing the importance of handmade was of utmost importance as the brand worked with some of Italy’s most renowned craftsmen for the first time.  They worked closely with ancient workmanship including Murano glass-blowing, hand-painted Sicilian ceramics, fine cabinetmaking, straw weaving, wood carving and intarsia, the old-age technique of murine and the weaving of lush brocades and precious velvets on traditional looms.



The collection was presented to VIP guests in Venice on August 28th 2021. “Our collaboration with these artisans has led us here to Venice, hosted in one of its most evocative places: the Scuola Grande della Misericordia. In its extraordinary spaces, Dolce&Gabbana Casa will enhance the fine craftsmanship for which Italy stands out throughout the world. And with this unique style Dolce&Gabbana Casa will continue to offer the purest Beauty and an absolute love for the Italian ‘fatto a mano’ (handmade).” Said the designers.



The collection will soon be available online and eventually in Dolce&Gabbana stores worldwide.