How To Bring Hotel Luxury To Your Home

Lindsay Judge   |   20-05-2021

Nisrine El Lababidi Moghraby, Design Alchemist at Harf Noon Design Studio on recreating a hotel atmosphere at home



As travel continues to be restricted across the region and the world, we are all finding ourselves spending much more time at home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience have the luxury touches of a hotel. Nisrine El Lababidi Moghraby, Founder of Harf Noon Design Studio shares her secrets and tips to replicating that hotel atmosphere we all know and love in the comfort of your own home.



In a Hotel inspired bedroom make sure you keep all the senses engaged, from what you see to what you smell and what you touch and hear, below are some of my tips.



Bedding – My philosophy has always been, spend the most you can afford on the things that come into contact with your body. Creating a beautiful and comfortable bed is just a matter of a few good choices. For the ultimate hotel look, your bedding has to be white. Start with the best bed sheets you can afford. One hundred per cent cotton is best because it will allow air to flow and keep your body more comfortable throughout the night. Secondly, opt for duvets without a finished decorative cover. This allows you to change your top of bed design more often. There are several natural duvet options, but down is most often recommended due to its flexibility. Layering a bed adds comfort and helps define the style of the bedroom. Add a coordinating coverlet to the foot of your bed to add colour and texture to any bedroom. A throw further contributes to a designer-like finish in the bedroom. Always use your pillows (preferably in luxurious velvet) to add another layer with decorative shams. Finally, finish with decorative cushions in accent colours to create an off-the-page-of-a-decor-magazine look.


A reading nook – Place a single chair with a footrest into the corner of the room. Add a floor lamp, big pillows and a throw to style it.



Art – Never leave the walls empty if you have a large bedroom. It’s important to add some kind of wall décor to further enhance the look of the room whether it’s paintings, canvas art, or any kind of wall art. There is a wide variety of options out there, from beautiful black and white photography to abstract paintings. Just make sure you hang these at eye level.


Lighting – Choose statement ceiling lights to make an impact and to soften the look and take it to a luxurious level. Go for table lamps, hanging lamps and floor lights in your bedroom. Candles and mirrors will help reflect light too.



No Clutter Policy – less is definitely best, so toss out all the fussy accessories and focus on what’s important in the room.


My Top three accessories for a high-end look:

  1. Make it a habit to purchase fresh flowers every week. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. It could be a few carnations in one colour, or even a couple of peonies, or simple green leaves like eucalyptus. Also adding a scented candle is always a plus.


  1. Trays are great for accessorising. Choose silver or clear acrylic options. Trays can hold perfumes, stacked books, trinket boxes etc. as a beautiful decorative element.


  1. Decorate in threes. Three items from the same category, or three different items will keep things neat and uncluttered.




When it comes to colours, shades of grey in warm and cool hues create a hotel-style bedroom that exudes elegance and style. Take the time to ensure that the colours blend harmoniously. Ultimately, you want a setting that is calm and serene, or bold and extravagant. Steer away from contrasting colours. There are a lot of trending colours right now from dark navy to dark green, and of course, many shades of grey! Opt for wallpaper that has a nice texture, that will soften the space, it can feature a fun playful pattern. I suggest not going for overly simple wall patterns that you can replicate with paint. Also, you can save money by placing it only on the headboard wall and choosing a neutral harmonious paint colour for the rest of the walls.





Big night stands are a must (if you have the space for them), as you can hide a million things in them, and it gives you extra storage too. Make sure to style it with a nice tray to hold your book, fresh flowers, a scented candle and a beautiful alarm clock. Also editing and styling the dresser with a big round mirror, a few accessories and a beautiful table lamp is a plus (remember the rule of three).

You can even look for stylish storage options that won’t spoil the finished look of the room. Dual-purpose furniture such as a storage ottoman at the bottom of the bed, even a storage headboard, will put clutter out of sight.


In any hotel-style bedroom the focus is on the bed, so make sure to make it the main feature. An oversized upholstered headboard in a diamond-tufted fabric is classic. Grey linen or velvet will add a touch of luxury when combined with accent colours and accessories. Alternatively, you may consider framing the bed with huge upholstered panels that highlight the sense of luxury.



Blackout drape curtains are a must for a perfect night’s sleep. With floor-touching voile’s that offer filtered light during the day and possibly a pelmet (if the ceiling height allows), as it will give the perfect window treatment. Patterns are a great way of making a statement. Think vivacious hues, bold patterns and innovative designs for a wow factor. Get a dynamic look with an assortment of rich tones and patterned designs to mix and match, creating an exciting heart to any room. Chic and contemporary fabrics dare to set trends in a palette of rich and neutral tones, complementing the luxurious easy-to-care-for, washable fabrics. The cool linen, soft satin and subtle metallic look is a perfect match for geometric, herringbone and medallion designs.



Lighting is key for a hotel-inspired bedroom as it sets the right mood at all times. To keep the overall look soft have multiple lighting points. Choose a dramatic, showstopper like gorgeous pendant lights or Scandinavian designed modern options. Skip bedside lamps for hanging scones or reading lamps on either side. Introduce extra lighting in the reading nook and on the dresser if possible too, that way you have an overall relaxing ambience whenever you need it.


Finally, have your iPod preloaded with relaxing tune or podcasts and if the room has an en-suite bathroom, follow the same theme into your bathroom as well.


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