These Are The Fashion Houses Championing Luxury Interiors In 2024

Lindsay Judge   |   04-06-2024

Welcome to some of the best fashion brands showcasing stylish interiors at this years Salone Del Mobile.Milano

Giorgio Armani 

The Armani/Casa 2024 collection Echoes From the Worldwas presented at the Palazzo Orsini, the brand’s historic headquarters, during Salone Del Mobile.Milano. Inspired by the Giorgio Armani Privé collection, the offering captures the importance of fine Italian craftsmanship and captures the cultures of some of the countries that have inspired Mr Armani in his designs. The idea of the collections theme lets guests into the lands that inspired the collection, identifiable by nods to different aesthetic and fashion cultures. References to Europe can be found in the clean lines and the mix of light and transparency in the TROCADERO table, with its plexiglass legs and platinum-lacquered wave-textured top, and the SOFIA chairs, which fit in seamlessly, as does the new edition of the RIESLING bar cabinet in canneté plexiglass. Like a small treasure chest, the boudoir holds the jewel-like gown, sculpturally shaped and embellished with thousands of fine appliqués.

The attention to the textures and details of Samurai armour — which the designer had previously encapsulated in a historical collection inspired by Kagemusha — can be found in the sophisticated VIRTÙ cabinet, particularly in its katana-inspired handle and its tatami-effect interiors with customised graphics. In the hall of mirrors, China is depicted by delicate shades of gold: the VIVACE table, with sculptural legs like bamboo stalks and a top decorated in rosy-hued silver leaf; the VENUS console with a lacquered glass top with gold leaf embellishments on the back; the VIRGOLA bookcase with its hanging shelves; and the VISO sofa with its curved profile.

Drawing inspiration from “Arabian Nights” atmospheres are the new edition of the CLUB bar cabinet, with its blue leather interior; the pouf with its soft lines; and the screen – all upholstered in the same grosgrain fabric with plant-themed embroidery. Armani’s own panther statues return in embroidery form on the VERVE decorative cushions. Influences from Berber culture can be found in the MORFEO bed in canaletto walnut wood, upholstered in geometric-patterned velvet, and in the ESAGONO coffee tables, upholstered in fabric with special tassel appliqués. On the MIRO multifunctional cabinet, the intense blue and iridescent reflects of the lacquer is instead inspired by the garments of the Tuareg, to whom Giorgio Armani has also dedicated a historical clothing collection.


In partnership with Luxury Living Group, Dolce&Gabbana adds new additions to its Casa Collection in the form of the Dreaming collection and the Verde Maiolica pattern. 

The Dreaming collection, characterized by the purity of white and the timeless elegance of black, emerges as the latest line from Dolce&Gabbana Casa. It showcases gentle lines and embodies feelings of safety and comfort, which are prominent features of this new collection. 

Verde Maiolica by Dolce&Gabbana Casa, a fusion of intense white and green, evokes the coastal landscapes of Southern Italy. It captures the essence of the Mediterranean Scrub with its aromas and colors, celebrating the handmade craftsmanship of the region. 

The furnishings of the Dreaming collection, crafted in collaboration with Luxury Living Group, and the Verde Maiolica home accessories narrate tales of love and hospitality. They express a passion for beauty and an appreciation of the art of everyday life, presenting a distinctive Made in Italy narrative through sophisticated materials and refined design techniques. 


Balenciaga continued its ongoing Art in Stores project by way of a collaboration with American artist Andrew J. Greene. Eight original artworks from Greenes Timeless Symbols series were exhibited at Balenciagas Montenapoleone store in Milan during the latest edition of Milan Design Week. 

Greenes sculptures place familiar, manufactured objects atop stainless-steel stanchions. A concealed motor rotates each item slowly, mimicking traditional retail displays. Placed in a procession behind a glass storefront, the artworks dramatise their place within the viewer’s world. 

Alongside a handheld mirror, a shrimp cocktail, a red rose, and a mapped globe are some of Balenciagas signature trompe-l’œil products: the reusable Coffee Cup, the shoe-like Knife Clutch, and two styles of the glossed-leather Chips Bag.

Andrew J. Greene is a conceptual artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. His work examines vernacular commodity culture, grafting ordinary and antique forms from Americana onto restrained frameworks to address taste, meaning, and ideology surrounding the lives of objects. 

Following this, the works will travel to other Balenciaga stores worldwide. 


For the latest edition of the Fendi Casa collection, the brand experiments with new raw materials and workmanship for an eccentric and whimsical offering.  

The highlight piece of the collection features a combination of the FF logo which is rendered in three dimensions, making the new FENDI F-Affair modular sofa, designed by Controvento, seem like a puzzle of interlocking elements. The composition is pure design; inviting you to experiment with material and colour combinations; upholstery can be customised for each element.

The Sohoft sofa designed by Toan Nguyen is a more informal rendition of the Soho already in the collection. It is modular in design with the option of the fully textile version. This year. It has a more informal style, forming a striking contrast between the linear design and the soft, natural volumes, with goose-down filling. 

F-Stripes, designed by the duo Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba, is yet another new sofa characterised by high-end design, linearity and great comfort, where its sophistication lies in the details: the tone-on-tone top stitching on the leather of the wide straps that embrace its volume, the linear but welcoming cushions, the feet tapering towards the bottom, the metal end pieces of the vertical structural elements embellished with the engraved FF logo. A timeless décor element offered in a palette of natural, neutral colours.

Additional home accessories continue the whimsical tone with items such as blow-up sodas, designed by Controvento, and small side tables in glossy and opaque metal designed by Toan Nguyen that fit together like shirt cufflinks, seamlessly following the rounded contours of the Sandia sofa. Two coffee tables in two different heights have also been created for the Sandia

line: tabletops created from organically shaped metal, rest on bases made of thin metal bars that trace their shape.

Among the other new entries in the collection are the Mrs Parsifal armchair, the Adrian and Audrette chairs, the Lazy Ottavia chair, and many more. 

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Louis Vuitton 

As part of Milan Design Week, Louis Vuitton unveiled a unique reinterpretation of its iconic Bed-Trunk at its Garage Traversi store in Milan. This exceptional piece draws inspiration from the very first Bed-Trunk, designed in 1865 by Louis Vuitton himself and now updated to blend tradition with modernity. Created for the design connoisseur and the elegant traveller, this new variation celebrates the Maisons heritage – innovating while respecting traditions and savoir-faire since 1854. The exterior of the trunk is covered in Louis Vuitton’s classic Monogram Canvas, while its interior displays the beds sophisticated structure – an innovative combination of aluminium and beechwood that allows the Bed-Trunk to quickly and easily transform into a stable bed frame.

The mattress is split into four sections specially crafted to support and accommodate its owner in total comfort. A memory foam mattress topper covers every section, which rests on the same woven cotton straps that have been used to keep clientsbelongings safe during travel since the very earliest Louis Vuitton trunks. The mattress is covered in waterproofed cotton precisely embroidered with the classic Monogram pattern. For even more comfort, the head of the bed – with an included pillow – can be raised to the perfect angle and a small beechwood side table is attached to the edge of the trunk.

In the mid-1880s, Louis Vuitton came up with a new Bed-Trunk specially designed for explorers from around the world – an invention patented by his son Georges in 1885. The Bed-Trunk was then showcased in several universal and international exhibitions, spurring its immense success among travellers, explorers and other nomads – just as the Camp Bed-Trunk became indispensable for officers in training or on active duty.


Etro Home Interiors’ latest collections were celebrated through an immersive journey combining the rediscovery of the 60s and 70s with the exploration of current stylistic codes. The clean lines of the furnishings contrast with the brands characteristic maximalism and eclecticism, evident in the mix and match of eras and styles, as well as in the use of colour and fabrics, central themes of the Etro style.

Divided into three living areas, a dining room, a bedroom, a workspace and a relaxation area, the presentation at Salone del Mobile.Milano tells stories and living concepts through an interplay of colours and fabrics. A neutral palette, ranging from delicate, dusty shades of green and pink to shades of beige enriched with wood and

gold details, characterises the first living and work area, giving it a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere. The blue room, with its strong character, combines paisley patterns and midnight blue brocades with details in shades of brown.

The pink ambience features the floral Gobelin fabric, selected from the Etro archive and characterised by an irresistible vintage charm and it is juxtaposed with pink brocade, green and orange fabrics and walnut wood.

Within the various exhibition spaces, the upholstered items, characterised by essential profiles, highlight fabrics from recent fashion shows, featuring textured materials and lush prints. Emblematic is the Quiltana collection, composed of a sofa, armchair and bed, all distinguished by cosy shapes and sinuous lines, embellished by quilting with a squared effect that recalls the capitonné style, reinterpreted with modernity.

New additions include furniture inspired by the past, enhanced using lacquered finishes and saturated colours that offer a modern interpretation. Tubular elements make up the structures and profiles of chairs, armchairs and tables, as in the Piping collection, where they are combined with wood essences and fabrics from the collection.

As far as lighting is concerned, lamps and chandeliers with totemic lampshades bring discreet yet rich accents of light into rooms. Symbolic in this respect is the Dice collection, which emphasises the sophisticated atmosphere of the stand with its minimalist lines and decorative lampshades.


Versace opened the doors to its original Milan home and design Atelier at Palazzo Versace, Via Gesù 12, to showcase the latest Versace Home collection during Salone del Mobile, Milan Design Week, and tell some of the many rich cultural and design stories of the Palazzo via a bespoke audio experience titled, Versace Home: If These Walls Could Talk. The presentation at Palazzo Versace immersed guests into the full Versace lifestyle. 

Presented by Luxury Living Group the furniture collection centres on the brands signature design codes. Now iconic symbols of the House, the Medusa, Barocco, and Greca are seen across furniture, lighting and textiles. The Medusa 95 and Greca feature on rounded

chairs and deep, expansive sofas crafted in options of leather or chenille featuring the Barocco motif. The Barocco carries through across designs, including tableware from the Rosenthal meets Versace collection. 

Polished metal in the colour of Versace gold is treated to feel fluid as the backs and arms of chairs, or strong and solid as the bordering edge of coffee tables. The collections standout piece is the Medusa 95 Conversation Sofa, a design that is unmistakably Versace in its exaggerated, lavish scale, and inviting comfort. Recalling a large bed, the sofa is an island of relaxation that features fine leather trim details, surrounding chenille Barocco reclining cushions, and options of indoor or outdoor leathers.

JW Anderson 

JW Anderson presented an installation showcasing the world of artist Patrick Carroll during Salone de Mobile.Milano. Titled Days”, the exhibition featured unique works by the artist who creates art by stretching textiles he has knitted onto stretcher bars as though they are paintings.

From his large collection of yarn, nearly all scavenged from yarn remainder shops that liquidate the fashion industrys leftovers, Carroll forges compositions of varied texture, material, colour, and transparency, in primarily wool, linen, silk, cashmere, and mohair. He makes each work by hand on a flatbed domestic knitting machine from the 1970s at his studio in Los Angeles.

Knitted into the works are bits of text. About half the works in this show bear a single word, usually a word that names a concept–music, abnegation, pity, voices, permanence. Of the rest, some quote works of literature, some refer to already extant works of art, and some feature Carrolls own phrases. Carrolls shows come together across the making of them, language accreting daily to form a modular chorus. It is only in the realisation of a show that its aesthetic argument emerges.

The installation showcased 37 artworks that were available for purchase at the JW Anderson Milan store.

La DoubleJ 

LaDoubleJ presented the Dancing Plates exhibition at Salone del Mobile.Milano. In a showcase of innovation and creativity, the brand presented its new collection, Solar”, as well as current collections of the La DoubleJ universe. The Milanese brand joined forces with viral artist, filmmaker, and creative director, Max Siedentopf to create a one-of-a-kind Dancing Plates” installation, a machinated masterpiece of our high-vibration homeware and his unique vision.

Inspired by Eamesground-breaking Solar Do Nothing” machine from 1957 – one of the first devices to convert solar energy into electricity – Max’s Dancing Plates” plates installation uses 16 machines spinning in sync which are balanced over 50 pieces from the new Solar Collection. The moving, spinning, revolving shapes used in the original artwork are referenced here in Maxs Machine, a joyful, gyrating ode to that iconically Italian passion for gathering loved ones around a table. Surrounding this central art piece swirls La DoubleJs full constellation of homeware, with each wall serving as a canvas for the collections created over the past seven years.

The Solar collection is inspired by the illuminating energy of bright stars. Featuring 36 pieces of porcelains with gold accents, hand-blown Murano glassware and Como-printed linens, each item is a celebration of traditional Italian craft delivered in a vibrant, intended to elevate your entertaining state. Delivered in an enveloping palette of warm terracotta, eggy yellow, and deep indigo, the collection features more serving platters than ever before, a reflection of the intention behind its design – to be shared amongst loved ones in moments of celebration and connection.