Nespresso Has Launched The New Vertuo Coffee Machine And We’re Never Looking Back

Hayley Kadrou   |   18-09-2019

Any coffee lover worth their coffee beans will have invested in a Nespresso machine at one point over the years, but the latest innovation from the 1986-established company is a gamechanger in the world of barista-style coffee in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re not interested in the nuances of making and drinking coffee, then you might not understand just why the new Nespresso Vertou has got caffeine-heads all excited – but both observers of the art and casual coffee drinkers alike will appreciate the latest launch from Nespresso.


While the company has perfected the art of the Italian favourite espresso over the decades (with frothers available to buy separately for those who prefer their liquid energy in latte form) those who are typically more partial to a taller cup of coffee have missed out.


But launching this month in the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait is the newest model which offers a range of different options and drink sizes from one compact machine – The Alto (414ml), The Mug (230ml), The Gran Lungos (150ml) and naturally the Double Espresso (80 ml) and Espresso (40ml).



All from one machine at the press of one button, the detection comes in with the clever design of the new capsules. Different sized pods serve up different sized drinks, but to keep the design sleek, each is inserted into the same slot that detects the order thanks to a smart barcode reading system.


Once the machine has done that, it uses a unique rotational extraction technology (trademarked as Centrifusion) to adjust the extraction parameters to create the perfect full-bodied coffee, finished with a silky and generous crema.



And the smart design of the latest machine goes further; the water tank carries over a litre of water and is removable, preheating takes a maximum of 20 seconds and the machine automatically turns off after nine minutes of inaction to save energy. With the pods being 100 per cent recyclable, sustainability has been a consideration throughout the design process, too.


On the launch in the region, Business Executive Officer at Nespresso MEA Sergey Makarin said: “By introducing Vertuo in the Middle East, we are expanding at home coffee options for coffee lovers with a range of large coffees, without compromising the taste or extraordinary quality that Nespresso is known for.



“We feel that Vertuo system will deliver on the consumer needs for convenient and easy to use coffee machines to produce a variety of coffee sizes.”


And of course, the coffee tastes fab, too. Head to for more.



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