Rethinking Honey: Introducing Luxury Wellness Brand Honey of Arabia

Hayley Kadrou   |   08-08-2019

You may just think of honey as another ingredient lingering in your kitchen, but luxury brand Honey Or Arabia is reminding us just how much of a unique, special extract it really is.

For most of us, honey is something we use to simply sweeten our tea or drizzle onto food for an extra sweet touch. Which means most of us likely take for granted what a special, healing ingredient it can really be.


But this is something Honey Of Arabia – a luxury gifting brand  – is aiming to change.


The name fuses together wellness and luxury to bring the finest in pure Yemeni Honey that is sourced from the charming mountains of Hadramaut.


Honey Of Arabia is bringing luxury back to the kitchen essential


The rare golden elixir is naturally harvested by traditional apiarists for centuries and exclusively sourced by the company.


With health benefits such as being antioxidant-rich, a healthy sugar alternative and proven abilities to lower blood pressure, it truly is a healing as well as delicious substance.


Not to mention that it’s an essential to any beauty arsenal – whether a few drops are added to a hot bath to soothe skin or used a the base of homemade face mask to aid a clear and radiant complexion.


This honey is naturally harvested by traditional apiarists for centuries and exclusively sourced


What makes Honey Of Arabia stand out even further is the unique packaging that is it available in. Aiming to reflect the true treasure of its product in its gifting boxes, the distributers of the sweet stuff is bringing back that exclusive and special feel to the ingredient.


Meaning its time to stock up both for ourselves and gifts for our loved ones, please.


We can’t get enough of the luxury packaging to go alongside the specially sourced honey



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