Siraj Merges Arabic Food With Mediterranean Delicacies

  |   04 - 04 - 2016

Siraj 1

Siraj restaurant has recently opened its doors in the heart of Downtown Dubai. It’s a unique culinary experience that transports guests back in time with its authentic Arabian flavours and welcoming ambience offering a fusion of Emirati-Levantine inspired dishes. In a plush setting that combines rich Arabic-inspired décor with sweeping views of the Dubai fountains and Burj Khalifa, guests are invited to embark on a flavourful journey at Dubai’s newest Middle Eastern culinary delight.

Heba Rumhein, founding partner and spokesperson of Siraj said: “I was greatly inspired by Emirati culture and the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum which is very evident from the interiors of the restaurant.”

Warm Dates and Kale Salad

The elegant ambience at Siraj carries an interesting mix between traditional and contemporary where each element takes you back in time, while implementing a modern touch. Describing the interiors of the venue, Heba said, “Embodying the concept of ‘old meets new,’ the seven arches in the restaurant represent the seven Emirates, and the golden horses signify the unbreakable elements of Emirati culture. Arabic calligraphy and poems by HH Sheikh Mohammed adorn the walls, defining the overall mood and feel of the restaurant. The central dome covered with glass signifies a protective shield that preserves Arabic heritage, wherein the yellow stone represents Levantine culture, and the sand stone represents Emirati culture.”

Combining ancient culinary traditions of both Levantine and Emirati origins, this authentic Middle Eastern restaurant offers a unique blend of regional flavours with a distinct contemporary twist. All spices and ingredients are organically produced and jams and pickles are homemade with a personal touch.

Shrimp Majboos

In true Arabic tradition, guests are greeted with a sprinkle of rose water while they’re surrounded with the smell of Arabic scent at the entrance. The smell of freshly baked bread and strongly brewed Arabic coffee fills the air as guests experience the warm hospitality of Arabic culture. Each dish on the menu at Siraj has been specially created with elements of Emirati and Levantine cuisine with the assistance of Heba Ruhmein’s own mother and influencer Lojain Omran’s mother. Chef Ahmad Al Fakir then added his Midas touch to every recipe, ensuring authentic taste with a modern twist to every dish.

Hot and cold appetisers include lamb kebbeh, homemade shanklish and heirloom tomato, served with watermelon and baby rocket leaves and organic lentil soup served with baby spinach, labneh and dukka. Main courses include: grilled camel tenderloin served with dried curry potato and zaatar pesto, rice and shrimps cooked in tomato sauce and Dubai spices, a traditional Emirati dish. Delicious desserts include creamy rice pudding topped with raisins and roasted nuts, sticky date pudding served with walnuts and caramel sauce; and chebab mohala, traditional Emirati pancakes. There are also a selection of fresh cocktails and smoothies and guests can have shisha. Flavours include: orange, grape, mint, lemon, peach, sweet melon, bubble gum, watermelon, strawberry and berry cherry.

Siraj's Special Chicken Biryani

Location: Level 2, Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai.

Time: Open 7 days a week – 12pm to 1am.

For reservations: Call 04 457 4063 or email