The 2022 Luxury Innovation Summit and Awards, Celebrated Global Talent

Lindsay Judge   |   23-11-2022

The fourth edition of the Luxury Innovation Summit took place in Geneva on 21st October 2022. The annual event organised by the Luxury Venture Group, a Swiss-based venture capital company focused on venture capital investment in startups from the luxury industry, together with eBay as a Co-Presenting Partner, and under the Chairmanship of Stanislas de Quercize was an insightful celebration of successful companies and individuals under the theme of Creativity – Innovation – Sustainability.


This year’s event witnessed a record participation of over 400 in-person and online attendees, more than 35 speakers, 30 exhibitors, 100 startups and nine academic institutions, as well as an international audience from 20+ countries physically in Geneva and digitally from around the globe. Attendees and participants ranged from startup companies to established brands and heritage Maisons, all coming together to showcase and celebrate works falling under this year’s chosen theme.



This year’s event programme included a series of discussions of the topics that matter to the global luxury industry. These included: Sustainability and Circular Economy, Trends, Innovation, and Creativity, Private Equity and Venture Capital in luxury and more. Speakers included a wide range of prestigious figures including Josh Pullan, Head of the Global Luxury Division at Sotheby’s, Michala Chatel, Partner at Ultima Collection, Patrick Hoffmann, Senior Director at Watchbox Switzerland, Chabi Nouri, Private Equity Partner, Mirabaud Asset Management, Pierre Denis, Former Jimmy Choo CEO and Tirath Kamdar, Senior Director and General Manager of Luxury at eBay.



The series of talks were followed by Pavilion Talks, a new concept that provided a personal, welcoming and inspirational space in which speakers had a dialogue with the attendees. Key themes of the Pavilion Talks included; Luxury and Tech, Sustainable Luxury, and Academic – Industry Dialogue. Companies taking to the stage to join in the discussion include Richemont, Digital Luxury Group, The Watch Library Foundation and more.



The event culminated in the Awards Ceremony where five winners were chosen from over 120 entries from 21 countries. The winners were selected by an international jury of experts through a rigorous three-month process. The final pitching session took place on 20 October in Geneva at the Luxury Innovation Summit. Under the patronage of the President of the Jury, Alain Dominique Perrin – the attendees of the Summit and the jury members selected one winner for each of the five award categories.


This year’s winners are:

Category Lifestyle / Design / Art: Winner: iota soft living (Israel).

Category Watches and Jewellery: Winner: Aether (USA)

Category Fashion / Beauty / Wellness:Winner: MycoWorks (USA)

Category NFT / Metaverse / Live Shopping: Winner: Smartzer (UK)

Category Circular Economy / Pre-Loved:Winner: Reflaunt (Singapore)



Each of the winners was chosen for their inspiring concepts, whether a startup or small business. Luxury Venture Group supports them to grow and makes them investment-ready, as well as helps to provide them with new investors or co-investors.

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