The New “Butterfly Gardens Abu Dhabi” Unveiled In The UAE Capital

Emma Hodgson   |   08-11-2023

Popular Abu Dhabi waterfront destination Al Qana has announced a brand new eco project opening in early 2024, called the “Butterfly Gardens Abu Dhabi”. 

Situated adjacent to The National Aquarium at Al Qana, Butterfly Gardens Abu Dhabi will serve as a sanctuary for over 40 species comprising more than 2,000 butterflies, alongside a stunning array of flora and fauna.

This visionary project will consist of three distinct manicured zones: Asia, the Americas, and Eden Café. Visitors will embark on a remarkable journey as they explore lush tropical gardens, each inspired by the unique ecosystems of Asia, Central, and South America.

Alongside the breathtaking butterfly and insect species from these regions, the Eden Café will offer an oasis of tranquillity, featuring a cascading waterfall, a serene koi pond, the graceful presence of white peacocks, and even an opportunity to have high tea with butterflies.

 At Butterfly Gardens Abu Dhabi, guests will have the extraordinary opportunity to witness butterflies in their natural habitat, freely interacting with visitors. 

The insect species will be thoughtfully showcased within enclosures along the mapped-out path, while pupa displays will showcase the live development of these enchanting creatures.

 The gardens are destined to be a photographer’s paradise, with plans to introduce photography classes at a later stage. A unique feature will be the enchanting starlight night setting, offering magical visits after sunset.


Image credit: David Clode – Unsplash