There’s a New Exclusive Package For Women Wanting to Set Up Business in the UAE

Lindsay Judge   |   26-08-2021

Now it’s even easier for women to achieve their dreams. Ahead of Emirati Women’s Day 2021, Masdar City Free Zone has introduced a new business package exclusively for all women entrepreneurs, to further support the growth of women-led companies in the UAE.


This special package will encourage women in the UAE to set up their own businesses and achieve their dreams.


Abdulla Balalaa, Executive Director, Masdar City, said, “From its inception, Masdar has valued the integral importance of women in progressing towards a more sustainable future. At Masdar City Free Zone, we mirror this view which is also in line with the UAE governments’ goal of driving greater gender equality and furthering successful sustainable development. For example, in 2017, the UAE government pledged $50m to the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative fund and has introduced several initiatives to further encourage female entrepreneurship, including the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council.”



He continued: “In addition to the number of women in the workforce, in the UAE, women also constitute approximately 70% of university graduates. From next year, this will also include women graduating from Masdar City-based, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), the world’s first university dedicated to the study of artificial intelligence, and a highly significant area in progressing the global green transition. Masdar City therefore provides a unique ecosystem for women, who not only have the opportunity to study, but also the option to establish a business here and become part of an international network of innovators. With these kinds of opportunities, Masdar City Free Zone is an excellent location for women to set up their businesses.”


Masara Alameiri, Acting Director, Masdar City Free Zone, added; “Masdar City Free Zone recognizes the essential role that women play in progressing the UAE’s economic and development goals, which are critical to building a more sustainable and prosperous future for everyone. In Masdar City, which is the regional hub for the R&D of sustainability-focused technologies and solutions, women are key drivers of the ground-breaking progress being made here in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), clean energy, healthtech, food security, mobility, water, and sustainable urban development. Masdar City recognizes their vital role and is offering a competitive business option that will allow even more women to establish their companies here.”



In addition to the women-specific business package option, Masdar City Free Zone also offers competitive new business packages that offer flexibility for companies to adapt to their businesses specific requirements and are available now to both new and existing businesses.


For more information and details on the new Masdar City Free Zone package for women, please click  Here or contact the Free Zone team at via email, or call +971 2 653 3333.