These Are The Five Dating Trends You Need To Know About

Emma Hodgson   |   26-08-2023

International matchmaker and dating expert, Christiana Maxion offers up the five dating trends you need to know about, in 2023. 

The world of relationships and dating can feel like a modern minefield in 2023 – I get it! It can feel hard enough to make that initial connection, let alone make it to the first date. The ‘tried and tested’ route might not be working for you, or just feel old hat. It’s a new world out there, and as we are all craving those ‘in person’ feels these days, your dating game might just need a little bit of fresh inspiration.

Here are 5 dating trends I see with my clients, that might add a new take to your dating game too.

Breakfast dates

Meet a new suitor in the sober light of day! This works not only to assess any physical attraction but also a clearer intellectual and emotional connection without the fog of a noisy nighttime venue.


Much like hedging your bets in the financial world, I strongly suggest stacking the odds in your favour with this trend. This is for the person you might be feeling ‘ iffy’ about and don’t want to waste a night out. Instead, stack a dinner with friends after you meet this person for drinks. This not only prevents you from wasting an outfit but also makes you more desirable if you leave for an event right after – always leave them wanting more.

Rainbow dating

This has nothing to do with colour and all to do with ‘exploring all the flavours of the rainbow’. If your usual type is not working for you, then explore other options. Date outside of your usual type and open up to different nationalities, religions, age groups, etc. If what’s current is not currently working for you, try something different, be open-minded, and date the whole map to find out what you’re truly attracted to.

Long distance

I am seeing more and more relationships start and thrive in the long distance. This especially works for two ambitious individuals who have a career as a top priority. This gives these daters the opportunity to thrive both separately and together. I see success for this in couples that have plans to see each other every three or four weeks. This only works for couples that are open about communication and have matching communication styles, but in a global world, never dismiss someone who isn’t in the same town, or even timezone. 

Activity dating

I’ve touched on this above with the breakfast date scenario, but at whatever time of day or whatever venue, more and more people are forgoing a traditional drinks or dinner meet-up. With a clear head, your judgements are not clouded. You get to test if you have a true connection.

Remember, dating should be fun and explorative – getting out and about should be on your terms, comfortable and safe – have fun thinking of or suggesting new scenarios and getting out of that comfort zone into the modern dating world.

Image credit:  Joshua Rodriguez