This New Dubai-Based Dining Destination is a Treat For Your Senses

Lindsay Judge   |   24-01-2023

With a new take on Iberian Latino fusion, La Niña Launches in the heart of DIFC.


With fans including Dubai Crown Prince, La Niña’s opulent interiors and vibrant dishes make it one of the city’s hottest new dining destinations. With a new take on Modern Iberian Latino cuisine, this elegant restaurant in DIFC’s ICD Brookfield Place promises to steer away from the traditional dining scene, offering a one-of-a-kind experience.



The dishes at La Niña will take guests on a memorable journey around the world, with flavours and scents that take inspiration from multiple cultures and experiences. Visitors can expect to be immersed in a gourmet journey full of taste and adventure inspired by vibrant gastronomic cultures from the Iberian Peninsula to South America.



Drawing inspiration from these two rich cultures the restaurant menu is packed with tantalizing creations crafted by a team of exceptional chefs who combine their world-class culinary expertise and international know-how, to bring flavours from around the world to the table. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner La Niña’s dishes combine traditional ingredients with unique textures and techniques to create bold and complex flavours that guests won’t find anywhere else in Dubai.



Highlight dishes on the menu include Plato de Mariscos, a decedent seafood platter, as well as the Tuna Tartare and Ensalada Rusa. For dessert, the sweet white chocolate and avocado mousse is a treat for your senses.



The food isn’t the only element worth noting as La Niña’s interiors are also something quite special. Mimicking a traditional dining room this intimate setting draws inspiration from forgotten eras of centuries of sea exploration. The opulent blue and white interiors offer a regal feel, mirroring that of a regal dining room. Painted tiles on the wall reflect the influence of the ocean and green plants a red velvet seating adds a touch of colour.