Flexjet Inc. the Premium Private Jet Provider Arrives in the Middle East

Lindsay Judge   |   18-12-2022

One of the United States’ leading private jet providers Flexjet Inc. has landed in the Middle East. After launching in Europe in 2019, the shared jet ownership company has further expanded to the region to coincide with the launch of its newest Gulfstream G650. Team A&E was one of the first to try out this exclusive experience.


Flexjet Inc. is based on a shared ownership concept which allows clients to subscribe to a private travel programme that offers them the flexibility and luxury of owning their own private jet, without the commitment to upkeep and staffing. Established in the United States in 1995 Flexjet Inc. focuses on fractional (or shared) jet ownership and leasing, jet cards, on-demand charter programmes, and full aircraft ownership, each storefront has a unique business model and go-to-market strategy.


Flexjet G650 over mountains


After a successful expansion into Europe and the launch of its Gulfstream G650 programme, the arrival of the jet in the Middle East allows Flexjet to offer discerning travellers the possibility of long-range private travel through the ownership programme. The Gulfstream G650 is the largest of the company’s fleet, carrying up to 15 passengers, as well as covering the most miles of any private aircraft with a range of almost 11,500km, and the capability to fly non-stop for up to 14 hours. This will allow customers in the Middle East to fly as far afield as London, Singapore or even New York.

Flexjet G650 Europe Capri LXi interior divan zone


“The Middle East is home to a melting pot of many different nationalities, diverse cultures and residents hungry for travel. The United Arab Emirates in particular has become a magnet for increasing numbers of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, businesses and families who want to travel on their own terms,” says Marine Eugène, European Managing Director.


“We understand the needs and desires of the UHNW traveller in this region and believe our combination of a modern, high-performance fleet and an exceptional service experience is very well-placed to appeal. We already fly regularly between the Middle East and Europe or the U.S. and we are now delighted to invite private aviation users based here to fly with us. This is an important growth market for Flexjet and in the past year, we have almost doubled our fleet to service the EMEA region, with more aircraft to be added next year. This will be complemented by additional infrastructure over the coming years,” adds Eugène.


Flexjet G650 Europe Capri LXi interior cabin view


So what’s it really like to fly private? Team A&E boarded a short flight from Dubai to Muscat in order to experience the five-star service. After being welcomed in Dubai we were invited to relax in a private waiting area as our documents were checked. Within less than 30 minutes we were through security and ready to board the flight. The décor of each Flexjet aircraft is unique. We were travelling onboard the jet with the Capri interiors, featuring grey and neutral tones with metallic details.


There is plenty of comfortable seating throughout and the back part of the plane features a laid-back area private entertainment area, perfect for cosy moments. One of the noticeable elements of the aircraft is the large oval-shaped windows (an identifiable trait of the Gulfstream), as well as silk-accent wool carpets, textured metal accents and fine, hand-stitched leather details. Ultra-fast Ka-band Wi-Fi connectivity allows multiple device connections, video conferencing or HD entertainment streaming. The staff onboard are there to meet your every need for regular passengers they will go out of their way to ensure your food and beverage preferences are arranged before the flight.


Flexjet Lounge Dubai


The Gulfstream G650 has one of the quietest cabins in private aviation, while 100 per cent of the cabin air is refreshed every two minutes. The exceptionally low cabin pressure (holding steady at a comfortable 3,290 feet, even at a cruising altitude of 51,000 feet) means you’ll feel less fatigued when you arrive at your destination. Although our flight was short it was an incredibly smooth journey from start to finish. On arrival, we were met from the plane by a fleet of Bentley cars, making the journey even simpler. We landed back in Dubai feeling relaxed and well-travelled!


For more information visit www.flexjet.com.