New Luxury Property Archduchess Dorothea Unveiled In Budapest

Emma Hodgson   |   02-07-2024

A new luxury hotel has been unveiled in the Hungarian capital. 

Housed across three historic buildings in Budapest’s iconic District V, a new hotel has been unveiled named after Archduchess Dorothea. 

The influential character of the 1800s brought significant cultural and economic development to the city alongside her spouse, Palatine Joseph. 

Evoking the charm of Hungary’s golden age, Dorothea Hotel invites guests into an unexpected city centre sanctuary where the past seamlessly merges with the present. 

Envisioned by acclaimed Italian architect and designer, Piero Lissoni, Dorothea Hotel is a melting pot of architecture and interior design. 

The three buildings were established in different eras including Weber (1873), the neo-renaissance former headquarters of United Budapest Metropolitan Savings Bank; Mahart (1913), the art nouveau former headquarters of Hungarian River and Sea Shipping Company; and Munnich (1937), the modernist building with art deco and Bauhaus elements. 

Local historic preservation experts have worked with the hotel to bring key elements of each including a remarkable heritage staircase.