The Best Places To Jet Off To This Spring 2024

Emma Hodgson   |   01-06-2024

Looking for somewhere to visit during the Spring season? We’ve found the best places.

 Athens, Greece

May is the perfect time to explore the Mediterranean capital of Athens, which is rich with art, culture and of course – its famous 4,000-year-old ruins from the heyday of Ancient Greece. Unlike the summer months, when the city is overrun with tourists and scorching hot temperatures, May provides a quieter, more refined time to explore the city. The city’s restaurant scene, tourism sites and luxury hotels are in full swing, but with far more space, and quality service from staff who are overwhelmed by the crowds. Be sure to explore the Acropolis, the ancient Temple of Poseidon, and the city’s other historic ruins, (with the added bonus of not feeling too hot or uncomfortable). Although the Greek capital is known for being the heart of Ancient Greece, it’s also home to a fabulous contemporary food scene, with plenty of innovative well-heeled restaurants and cafes to enjoy as well as an expansive art scene. Our recommendation? Be sure to try the local dish of souvlaki while visiting the city. One of the must-visit hotels in the city is Dubai’s very own One&Only property. The sumptuous luxury property is half an hour from downtown Athens and is only under an hour by private boat to the Greek islands of Aegina or Kea to explore the region further. If you wish for something more central while visiting the Greek capital, The Dolli offers five-star luxury in one of the grandest properties in downtown Athens. The exclusive boutique hotel mixes iconic views of the city and world-class interiors and art. 


Everest, Tibet

If hiking is not your forte, it doesn’t mean you should remove the area surrounding Mount Everest from your travel list. During May, the area and villages around Mount Everest offer some of the best views of the world’s highest mountain peak. Throughout May Nepal generally enjoys clearer skies and milder temperatures compared to the colder winter months or the rainy monsoon season. The weather tends to be more stable in May, with less chance of precipitation, making it an ideal time to visit the area. Even if you don’t wish to hike to Everest Base Camp (or beyond) there are plenty of other shorter hikes and treks to explore – all with a side of stunning views of the Himalayan mountainscape and Mount Everest. May is also a great time to enjoy the diverse wildlife and blooming flora of the Everest region. The warmer temperatures encourage the growth of colourful flowers and lush vegetation, adding to the scenic beauty of the trekking routes. Additionally, wildlife such as Himalayan birds and animals tend to be more readily spotted during this time of year. Overall, May offers a combination of favourable weather conditions, improved visibility, manageable trekking trails, and vibrant natural surroundings, making it a popular time to visit Everest in Nepal. However, it’s essential to be prepared for varying weather conditions and to plan and book accommodations and permits in advance when possible, as May can also be a busy time to visit the region.


Hay-on-wye, United Kingdom

Britain’s most famous literature festival takes place during the month of May, in the quaint small town of Hay-on-Wye. The beautiful destination is often referred to as the UK’s “Town of Books,” with the picturesque destination nestled in the stunning Welsh countryside. From the 23rd of May to the 2nd of June this year famed industry names and well-known faces descend on the bougie Welsh book hub for two weeks of talks, workshops and events throughout the arts festival. The Hay Festival is renowned for its diverse lineup of speakers, including authors, poets, scientists, politicians, and artists from around the world. Attending the festival provides an opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions, literary readings, and performances, enriching your cultural understanding and perspective. With its broad range of topics and speakers, the Hay Festival provides a platform for exploring a wide array of ideas, ranging from literature and politics to science and the arts. It’s a place where you can delve into subjects you’re passionate about or discover new interests, fostering intellectual curiosity and growth. Listening to talks and presentations by influential figures at the festival can be highly inspiring. Whether it’s hearing about someone’s personal journey, gaining insights into global issues, or discovering new ideas and perspectives, the Hay Festival is a source of inspiration for many attendees. The Hay Festival offers a variety of activities and events suitable for all ages, including workshops, storytelling sessions, and performances specifically for the youngest members of the family. The festival can be a great place for families to bond over a shared love of literature and culture.


Mexico City, Mexico 

Cinco de Mayo is one of the two biggest festivals on the Mexican calendar (aside from the “Day of the Dead” in November)  held each year on the 5th of May. The festival historically remembers the 1862 victory by Mexican troops over invading French forces at the Battle of Puebla. The triumph over the better-equipped and more numerous French troops was an enormous emotional boost for the Mexican soldiers. However, in reality, the modern-day celebration is much more focused on cultural street parades, live music, cultural exhibitions and floats showcasing vibrant costumes, and music celebrating Mexican heritage and pride. Take advantage of the holiday to explore some of Mexico City’s iconic landmarks and historical sites. Visit places like the National Museum of Anthropology to learn about Mexican history and culture, or explore the historic centre to see landmarks like the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace. Be sure to indulge in the rich Mexican cuisine on offer throughout the city during the holiday (and year round too) Must-try traditional dishes include tacos, tamales, mole, pozole, and chilaquiles. Many restaurants and eateries may offer special menus or themed dishes for Cinco de Mayo. Take part in the nightlife too – Many hotspots, clubs, and five-star hotels in Mexico City host Cinco de Mayo parties and events with live music, DJ performances, and festive decorations. Enjoy dancing, socialising, and celebrating with locals and fellow travellers in a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.