The Best Summer Destinations to Visit in 2022

Lindsay Judge   |   17-07-2022

As the summer sets in we round up the most fabulous, picturesque and on-trend summer destinations to travel to in 2022.





In the last few years, the Greek Island of Mykonos has proved to be one of Europe’s chicest party destinations. While this picturesque Greek island is rich in culture and heritage it is also ever-changing with a constant influx of new restaurants, hotels, beach clubs and more each season. This year Mykonos will have its first complete summer since the beginning of the pandemic and it’s time to party, and soak up the lively atmosphere of this trendy destination. By day, explore cobbled streets, cute boutiques and relaxing pool bars, and bar night, this place comes alive with luxurious dining destinations for those looking for a romantic break, or lively bars and restaurants for those looking to party. It’s sure to be a trip you won’t forget!







If you’re looking for a faraway destination to explore this summer, Mexico’s Tulum is a boho paradise that has fast become one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Its white sandy beaches, warm weather and azure blue waters have made this coastal Mexican destination a location of choice for style-savvy travellers. There is never a dull moment in Tulum from its lush green jungles to quaint streets, to picturesque beaches and historic archaeological sites. The underground reservoirs are an absolute must and make sure you make time to discover the historic caves and ancient ruins that make this area so special. If interiors are your thing Tulum is a dream, with elegant neutral designs surrounded by boho-chic accessories. Whether you’re on a girls trip or a romantic break you’re sure to come back feeling suitably relaxed.



Bodrum, Turkey



With a much shorter flight from the UAE Turkey’s colourful destination of Bodrum is the perfect family vacation spot for summer. A playground for Europe’s rich and famous Bodrum has become known for its five-star restaurants, luxury hotels and a vast population of super yachts. In many ways, it is a home away from home for UAE residents! Known as the “jewel of the Turkish Riviera” offers a mix of breath-taking scenery, five-star dining and luxury shopping destinations. There is something for all the family! And if that’s not enough, visit the local markets and beaches for a taste of Turkish tradition.




 Zanzibar, Tanzania  



Surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean Tanzania is an African paradise for explorers and sunseekers alike. The island’s capital city Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, featuring 19th-century architecture and traditional Tanzanian crafts. On the coastline the island has many incredible beaches to visit, offering total relaxation in luxury resorts. And in the evening, choose from local cuisine, traditional dance or for the party-goers lively dance parties to keep you entertained. And don’t forget to explore the coastline by sea, as local boat trips offer visitors the chance to discover the beautiful local wildlife. There’s no shortage of options!





Lisbon, Portugal



Portugal’s capital Lisbon has become somewhat of a melting pot for stylish travellers and digital nomads over the last few years. This old cultural city is famed for its culture, architecture, great weather and delicious food – making it the perfect destination to discover in the summer months. Meander around the historical streets, climb to awe-inspiring viewpoints and discover incredible architecture. This city is great for those looking to immerse themselves in a new culture and discover the true European way of living.




Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



With travel to Asia slowly resuming, Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur is super easy to get to with direct flights from Abu Dhabi and Dubai daily. The cultural city combines modern architecture, tropical rainforest, historical buildings and world-class shopping. The often underrated city really has it all and is a great stop for those embarking on a longer trip of exploration around Asia. See the iconic Petronas Towers, discover green areas of beauty, taste delicious local cuisine and shop till you drop. There is so much to experience in this cosmopolitan destination.






As one of Europe’s smallest countries Montenegro has not so often been considered a holiday destination of choice, however in recent years, this small state has become increasingly popular with tourists. Montenegro has breathtaking nature, historic cities, picturesque beaches great food, and friendly people! The weather is perfect during the summer months for those who what to explore but also have some relaxed downtime. Try exciting activities from bungee jumping to rafting to scuba diving and explore the beautiful natural landscape.




Miami, United States



Known for its lively atmosphere and year-round sunshine, Miami is a destination for partygoers and beach lovers alike. The American East Coast city features fun, lively beaches where anything goes. Shop till you drop and then in the evening, discover some of the world’s best nightlife destinations. It’s also a great place for making new friends and discovering new cultures and cuisines.