UAE Residents Can Now Travel To A Number Of Countries Quarantine Free

Lindsay Judge   |   08-06-2021

After new arrangements have been made between the UAE government and several countries around the world, fully vaccinated residents can now travel to several countries around the world, completely quarantine free.


The new announcements will be a relief to thousands who are hoping to jet away to cooler climates over the summer.



In Europe, fully vaccinated travellers can now visit countries including Greece, Italy, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Iceland and from July it’s thought that France will also be added to this list.


In Africa, travellers can visit Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Morocco, Kenya, Tunisia, and Zambia.


The Maldives

In the Middle East Jordan, Lebanon and Bahrain are now open to quarantine-free arrivals.


While if you’re looking for an islands escape, Indian Ocean destinations The Maldives, Sri Lanka and Seychelles are both open to travellers, requiring only a negative PCR test.


If you are travelling further afield to the Americas and Caribbean, travellers can now visit The Bahamas, Barbados and Costa Rica.




Various restrictions still apply, depending on the country you are visiting to so make sure to look into all the guidelines from each country before planning your trip.


Stay safe!