5 Rules Of Not Dieting

Diana Bell-Heather   |   02-02-2018


Healthy eating not going to plan? We don’t blame you, dieting is a tough discipline and can be extremely boring, but we have a solution.


Some thrive on cutting out sugar, fat and carbs but for mere mortals it’s not that easy. It’s even worst when you have a friend who doesn’t restrict herself and seems to be in perfectly good shape – frustrating we know but there is something we can learn from these happy bunch of women that have deleted the world ‘diet’ from their vocabulary.


They skip the low-fat or low-calorie aisle because they know that these so called ‘diet’ foods or drinks have to compromise somewhere. They only taste good because the manufacturer swaps the fat for sugar or salt which actually contribute to weight gain so read the label carefully.

Healthy lifestyle sometimes has nothing to do with eating but with how we relax. Sleep has become key in establishing a good relationship with food so get in the hours to avoid cranky snacking.

Never deny yourself. If you want that all-butter croissant then have it, otherwise you’ll obsess over it and end up eating a whole box of them. Don’t feel bad about an indulgence either, one burger is not going to knock you off your health path.

Start cooking as this is a great way to know exactly what goes into your favourite dishes and gives you an opportunity to add or reduce certain ingredients. If you’ve seen some vegan recipes, you’ll notice that they are packed with spices that add a punch of flavour to otherwise slightly dull dishes so add smoke paprika, turmeric and cumin to your grocery list.

Sugar is one of the hardest things to give up so don’t – instead be smart about it. As comforting as it is to reach for a box of cookies, try having some fruit (dry or fresh) carrot sticks, freshly squeezed juices or nuts and if after that you still need a fix, then one or two won’t hurt. We are also fans of making energy balls so get that food processor mixing some dates, fruit and seeds.


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