Clinique La Prairie Launches Longevity Hub in Doha

Lindsay Judge   |   13-07-2022

Clinique La Prairie has revealed plans to open a new Longevity Hub in Doha, Qatar.


Set to open this summer the opening is the latest step for the Swiss pioneering health and wellness clinic as it continues its international expansion.


In partnership with Alfardan Group and The St.Regis Marsa Arabia Island, the Pearl the Clinique La Prairie Longevity Hub will bring the Swiss clinic’s unique approach to wellbeing to the Middle East for the first time.


Light cellular therapy


Inspiring clients to live a “fuller, longer, healthier life” has been Clinique La Prairie’s mission since 1931. Its Swiss clinic offers week-long pioneering programs based on the Clinique La Prairie Longevity Method, which provides guests with ways to revitalise their lives and focus on their personal wellness.


To continue to support clients globally the clinic is expanding worldwide to help continue the benefits of treatments experienced at the clinic. Following the launch of Longevity hubs in Madrid and Bangkok the first hub in The Middle East will open its doors this summer.  The offering continues to be grounded in longevity science, always innovating in preventative medicine, nutrition, wellness and health.




The state-of-the-art Aesthetics & Medical Spa in Doha is a luxurious haven of wellbeing and rejuvenation, offering Clinique La Prairie’s integrative approach to longevity, based on the CLP method combining evidence-based medicine with unique wellbeing, nutrition and movement plans.


Special packages will also be available for those who wish to enjoy a full spectrum of benefits available at Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics & Medical Spa. The packages will include private consultations and a tailormade programme of innovative treatments, wellness care, gym membership and more. A premium annual membership offering the advantage of an exclusive residential stay at Clinique La Prairie Montreux in Switzerland will also be available.


Guests will also be invited to choose specific treatments or to follow highly personalized packages focuses on detox, reset, gut health or beauty, each one designed with carefully selected treatments and coaching from the clinic’s team of experts.




Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie says: “We are honoured to partner with the Alfardan Group at The St.Regis Marsa Arabia island for this premiere in the middle-east that further builds the health and longevity journeys of Clinique La Prairie across the world. This represents an outstanding continuation of our 90-year journey of premium wellness, offering clients unique expertise, treatments and technologies to support their personal journey to live fuller and longer, and look well.”


The Clinique La Prairie Longevity Hub, Doha is set to open this summer.