‘Kinesis Personal’ Your Own Luxury Gym at Home

Dana Mortada   |   31-08-2017

Ditch away your gym membership, the future of exercise has arrived and it fits right in your own living room. 

To all of the fitness fanatics out there, the Kinesis Personal just might be your greatest solution. Thanks to Technogym, a leader in the sports industry is pushing for the new era of home training; at the end of the day no one wants to sit on another person’s puddle of sweat.

Designed by the renowned architect and designer Antonio Citterio along with his assistant Toan Nguyen, the Kinesis Personal introduces a “soft workout” of which can be integrated into in your own home, office, hotels or spas. With more than 200 workout moves in less than one square meter design — the compact machine is made to move the body and mind; also is engineered for strength, flexibility and balance super-heavy workouts.

Technogym, Kinesis Personal

Technogym Kinesis Personal Vision

The Kinesis personal comes in two different versions: Heritage fitted with oak wooden bars available in black, cream, brown leather finish and in the new Gold Limited Edition, and Vision is covered with polished steel and mounted panels which create a mirror finish. The elegant design is internationally patent in a three-dimensional Fullgravity technology known as an authentic example of innovation ‘Made in Italy’.

Technogym, kinesis personal

Technogym Kinesis Personal Heritage

All in all, this wonder machine is here to cater to your needs, whether you are into Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi or athletics, the Kinesis Personal has got you all covered even in the comfort of your own home.