Tania’s Teahouse Are Putting on a Wellness Week, From Expert Talks to DIY Beauty Workshops

Hayley Kadrou   |   18-08-2019

From the 19th to 24th of August, Instagram-favourite cafe Tania’s Teahouse will be hosting a series of events for all to attend as a part of its Wellness Week for 2019.

If you haven’t visited Tania’s Teahouse on Jumeria Road yet, then you most likely have seen images of it flooding your social media feeds.


The tea shop was created by Founder Tania Lodi and opened in early 2018, and has quickly become a favourite spot for groups of pals to sip on coffee as they pose before the bubblegum pink walls and vivid green shrubbery in order to rake in those likes.


See the events taking place at Tania's Teahouse this week

See the events taking place at Tania’s Teahouse this week


But much more than a pretty picture, the cafe also includes delicious dishes, books and board games for guests to explore and, most importantly, a friendly, laid back vibe.


And to give customers – old and new – another reason to swing by, Tania’s Teahouse will be holding a Wellness Week from  Monday 19th until Saturday 24th August.


Workshops such will run in the tea and coffee shop until August 24th

Workshops such will run in the tea and coffee shop until August 24th


The schedule consists of a mix of talks and workshops led by field experts, from Bath Bomb making workshops from the experts at LUSH and mental health talks.


Some other highlights include a panel discussion on The Future of Food on Monday 19th at 10.30am, Goal Setting Workshop at 11.30am on August 21st.


See more here about the schedule for the week at taniaateahouse.com.


Save the Pesto for Lasto, Tania's Teahouse

Save the Pesto for Lasto, Tania’s Teahouse



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