The Giving Movement Helps to Support Dubai-Based Dog Shelter K9 Friends

Lindsay Judge   |   27-07-2022

Dubai-based sustainable athleisure brand The Giving Movement has launched The Four-Legged Movement to support the volunteer-run Dubai dog shelter, K9 Friends, and save the home of Dubai’s furry friends from closing.


The Giving Movement is offering its platforms to help spread awareness of how people can support the shelter and ensure the safe homing of hundreds of stray dogs without owners in the UAE.


The two-week campaign is designed to spread awareness of the shelter which relies on donations and public support to survive.



The Giving Movement is also supporting the shelter by sponsoring two full shelter blocks that house 50 dogs and puppies awaiting homes.


Dominic Nowell-Barnes, Founder & Chairman at The Giving Movement said, “There is a synergy between The Giving Movement and K9 Friends in that we both have an instinctive desire to want to help those in need in this world. Whilst our mission is to support people in need, when we heard K9 Friends was struggling, we immediately got in touch to help raise awareness on their fantastic mission here in Dubai. Please join us in supporting K9 Friends to continue doing its amazing work in giving the dogs of Dubai a second chance at life.”



K9 Friends has been in operation since 1989 and the organisation recently announced their need for support due to declining sponsorship from the public after the impact of the pandemic. The not-for-profit shelter’s main aim has always been to rescue and rehome stray and abandoned dogs. As a volunteer-run organisation, K9 Friends takes in dogs and cares for them until new homes can be found, it also helps reunite lost dogs with their owners, offers help and advice to new pet owners, and endeavours to educate the public and encourage a responsible dog-owning population in the UAE. Support K9 Friends Dubai in rehoming and saving animals around Dubai and the UAE.



 “As one the oldest dog shelters in Dubai, we are proud to have been serving the community for 33 years and we plan on continuing to do so with the support of all the people in this country” said Siddhi Mulaokar, Media and Marketing Volunteer, Office Volunteer and Board Member at K9 Friends.


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