The Secrets To Reverse Ageing

Lindsay Judge   |   16-07-2022

Dr. Med. Vet. Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo, BIO-R® discusses reversing the signs of ageing.


There is no denying the universal wish to look and feel younger as we age. Whether it’s investing in anti-ageing creams, quick-fix cosmetic procedures or using the latest makeup products, women and men will try anything to delay the unavoidable effects of ageing. But Dr. med. vet. Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo, Director of Biomolecular Restoration (BIO-R®), Nutrition & Lifestyle, believes restoring balance from the inside out at a cellular level is the secret. The holistic programme BIO-R® is designed to target issues at a deeper level, offering a personalised programme for clients, with results spanning revitalisation, increased energy levels, avoidance of diseases, better long-term health and, visible results of anti or “reverse” ageing.


Dr. Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo


The BIO-R® programme, which is offered exclusively by The Kusnacht Practice, is a fully holistic destination with two locations in Switzerland. They focus on three pillars of healthcare: conventional medicine, innovative medicine (BIO-R®), and psychiatric care. The practice is a world leader in the treatment of dependencies and psychological disorders and the BIO-R® programme is a biomolecular rejuvenation cure for the body and brain, designed to boost and maximise physical and emotional well-being. The Kusnacht Practice offers a bespoke luxury experience for visitors, catering to their every need. Clients are collected from the airport and driven to the exclusive destination where each guest is given a private villa. Upon arrival, they will be met by their live-in councillor who will stay with them to assist with whatever they require. A private BIO-R® nutrition chef is provided to prepare food in the villa according to the brief from the BIO-R® team, and of course, this is complemented by housekeeping professionals, a chauffeur and luxury concierge services. So there is always someone on hand to help. Especially with the BIO-R® treatment depending on what is being treated, there can be a lot of complementary therapies involved.


Here we find out more about the BIO-R® treatment programme, its benefits and how it can reverse signs of ageing from the inside out.


BIO-R® Laboratory


Can you start by giving us an insight and introduction to the BIO-R® Programme and how it works?

The Biomolecular Restoration programme deals with complex biochemistry which defines how we feel physically, emotionally and psychologically, up until we start to age. It stands for sustainable weight loss, detox, re-energising, improving focus, sharpness, rejuvenation and longevity. And then maintenance for as long as possible after the treatment. And it can also influence the look and beauty of each client from the inside out. Classical medicine looks at symptoms – you get medication or painkillers to solve a problem. But complex biochemistry defines how we feel emotionally, physically and mentally as well as how we age.


With BIO-R® we look at the underlying cause of any symptoms and also define the biological age of our patients with the help of in-depth lab testing which goes far beyond general medical check-ups. We go much deeper around into biochemical processes that make us old and sick or can be an underlying cause of health conditions. For women, we also consider the hormonal aspect and resolving women’s issues.


Based on these in-depth test results and a face-to-face consultation, the programme is then tailormade for each client. Each programme includes recommended supplements, coaching, treatments of different kinds and personalised complementary therapies for the best success.


How does someone know that they need to come to you for this programme?

First of all, the programme is for people who are conscious and aware that ageing is the mother disease of all other diseases. Ageing has pathways in biochemistry that by definition make it a disease, and waiting until we develop a disease and then trying to cure it is never the best way, prevention always prevails. Look at diabetes for example of which the Middle East has the highest rates globally, it’s important to be aware and have the need to prevent it and maintain and prolong the phase in life where you feel fully energised.


If I had to suggest I would say people who are right for this programme are those who have symptoms such as being tired, struggling to sleep, feeling premenopausal, feeling burnt out due to increased stress, or simply just feeling the need for a time out. We also see many families coming together or groups of girlfriends wanting to do something around “reverse ageing” to keep healthy and to experience increased energy, vitality, no pain and no development of pain in the future. And on top of this, to look better, because of course the programme affects your look and shape, especially when weight management is included.


The Kusnacht Practice ©JohannSauty


What makes this programme unique and how does it differ from anything else out there? 

I think what makes it unique is the true personalisation and individual approach that we offer. As head of the department, I have many clients coming to us talking about a personal approach from previous treatments they have tried. But when I see some of the reports from such clinics, honestly speaking, for me, they are not tailored at all. They are usually segregated into categories and clients are put into the best fitting option without their lifestyle being taken into consideration. And that is where we differ. We offer solutions that adhere to the lifestyle of every client. If it’s convenient to eat dinner at 9pm, for example, we let them eat dinner at 9pm. This personalisation is what we are really strong at, and when we say personalisation it is really personalised in every way possible because our end goal, which is something that also makes us different, is that we want clients to be able to sustain these lifestyles long after they leave the clinic. We are looking for sustainable success, not a quick fix. And to do that, we work to the likes and dislikes and needs of each client. So if they want to eat dessert, we let them eat dessert within the programme we provide.


In short, we create true personalisation because we take into consideration each client’s preferences and environment. And of course, we provide a continuous aftercare programme.


On a day-to-day basis, what would a guest experience look like when they come to the clinic? 

They will usually have quite an intense daily programme. If they come as a family for example each person will have their own individual programme. Some people will want to do more sessions in the morning and have leisure time in the afternoons for example, and some may want the opposite. Each programme is personalised for each guest. We have a variety of different sessions happening throughout the day, this can range from specific treatments such as intermittent hypoxic–hyperoxic therapy, or another form of oxygenation of the cells which goes along with rejuvenation, and of course we have treatments such as cryotherapy up to specific heat shots that stimulate protein – it depends if clients are really interested in reverse ageing then we start certain habits that they can continue at home. One aspect is using intermittent bursts of cold and heat with cryotherapy and saunas. There are certain protocols involved such as doing it three times a week for twenty minutes, and this has been scientifically proven to benefit a certain rejuvenation aspect. Intermittent fasting also helps. So all guests get coaching on that and treatments in this direction as well as workouts, personal training, and yoga, but we tailor each one based on the lab results and personal preferences of each guest and what method is best for this person to continue at home.


We also suggest complementary therapies such as reflexology, acupuncture and more, but we do it in a tailored way. If someone is with us because they are burnt out we work with our other teams such as the psychology team to build a programme together. We go in-depth with each person so that we and they understand their strengths, their weaknesses and what they need to focus on in all areas of their lifestyle. There are so many recommendations out there of what you should and shouldn’t do or should and shouldn’t eat so it becomes very confusing. Less is more and also more sustainable and that is what we offer.


The Kusnacht Practice


What do you think is the fascination with wanting to look younger and where do you stand on that?

Our goal is not anti-ageing by putting fillers or Botox into faces and having no wrinkles. Having fewer wrinkles and looking a little bit better or younger is maybe a nice consequence of our programme which targets the cellular rejuvenation processes. And at the end “ageing gracefully” is part of the process and we want to influence and consolidate a good lifestyle for as long as possible. What we want to achieve is for our clients to be full of energy and enthusiasm, have increased levels of energy, vitality, well-being and no physical pain, as well as a positive mindset for as long as possible. We want to improve the quality of the life and ensure that the health span lasts maybe a couple of years longer. Healthspan is not the length of life but the number of years that we are healthy. Looking good and ageing in a nice way, where you feel attractive, is simply a consequence of a certain lifestyle or a certain intake of supplements, or a certain diet, and this is something that people appreciate greatly, especially as they get older.


The Kusnacht Practice ©JohannSauty


What message would you send to our readers to invite them and tell them why they should come and experience the BIO-R® programme? 

That’s a good question! In fact, it’s everything we mentioned. It’s worth everyone getting an in-depth bio-hacking once in their life of their own biochemistry and that’s what we offer. We are working on more and new innovative lab tests to detect even our inner genetic elements. This will offer an inner understanding of our biochemistry which defines how we feel and offer the chance to correct or rebalance it quite efficiently with a very targeted personalised programme with fast, visible benefits that can be put into practice in daily life at home as well.