Wellness Predictions for 2022

Lindsay Judge   |   28-12-2021

As we approach the new year it’s more important than ever to think about health. Founder of cutting-edge supplement and well-tech brand LYMA, Lucy Goff shares her top wellness predictions for 2022.


Longevity Seekers – health span awareness: Defined as years of life that are healthy and disease free, healthspan will be a focal point for many in 2022. As we continue to live for longer, growing old ‘healthily’ will see an uplift and an increased demand for foundational function medicine that supports longevity with ‘all in one’ formulas. To support our busy lives an increase in subscription services will also continue to have up-take, my wellness brand LYMA offers just this. Since the pandemic, LYMA’s subscribers have grown 900%.


Metabolism Watchers: With new evidence to suggest that metabolic rates don’t decline as early in life as we previously thought, there will be a cultural shift for us to control our metabolism. In 2022, consumers will show more interest in products and lifestyle habits that maintain metabolism through diet and preserving muscle mass, which in turn will continue to support the exponential growth of fitness and health tech market in 2022, where we’ll continue to see an increase in health monitoring apps/devices, fitness content and subscription services all helping you to be your best.

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Postbiotics: Gut health + the microbiome is the root cause of 99.9% of preventable chronic disease, with more and more evidence building on the importance of gut health and a boom in information of pre and pro-biotics, we will now welcome discussion and people seeking post- biotics through diet for an extra health boost. In essence, they are bioactive compounds that probiotic bacteria produce when they consume prebiotics such as fibre in the gut, the benefits of increasing postbiotic intake can help improve everything from immunity and digestive symptoms and even seeing a reduction in blood sugar, obesity and inflammation.


Scientists on speed dial. With GP surgery access now restricted post-pandemic and face-to-face visits dramatically reduced, people are seeking alternative options, as such we will see a rise in demand for pocket experts, scientists, Dr’s, nutritionists and experts in every field on speed dial, who are able to offer proven solutions for many of the everyday problems we face. LYMA’s concierge is a team of over 30 scientists, doctors, nutritionists and life coaches, all trained to offer the best, proven advice, to help give people an edge in life. Over the past year, LYMA has seen an exponential lift in queries to its concierge, treating over 20,000 people since the start of 2021.


Self-Empowerment – Linked very much to Scientists on speed dial, people are wanting to take control of their health and in measured and detailed ways, which is why we will continue to see a rise of at-home healthcare, from on-demand testing kits for allergies and vitamin deficiencies to smartwatches, sleep trackers and blood sugar monitors, consumers are becoming increasingly aware that prevention is better than cure and are looking for ways to stay afront of their health outlook. However, consumers should be wary as much of this new technology isn’t accurate, especially when it comes to sleep. Recent studies have shown only 38% accuracy in devices determining sleep cycles and time taken to fall asleep. At-home blood tests can also be an inaccurate measure too as there are many parameters that can affect your results, such as time of day samples are taken, and foods eaten prior.


The natural alternative to SSRI’s. The WHO recently announced there are currently 280m people who suffer from depression globally – with so many side effects from traditional medication, we will see an uprise in people looking for natural solutions. The rapid growth of the CBD category is a key indicator in this, marketed to help with a range of ailments namely depression and anxiety, it’s a sector projected to be worth $19.5billion by 2025 according to Forbes. Supplements will also take centre court as brands look at new stand out ingredients that can assist with mood. LYMA, has done just that with a validated saffron extract affron®. Clinically proven to help decrease withdrawal symptoms whilst coming off antidepressants. The results compared with conventional medication are better in many ways that count. Traditional medications can take up to a couple of weeks to work, whereas Affron® works within 2 hours of taking the first dose. The pull for consumers turning to natural ingredients is that traditional medication can have terrible side effects, whereas affron® doesn’t cause any withdrawal effects and so can be a fantastic aid. In fact, there is good evidence that the actives in saffron reduce the adverse effects of the SSRI’s AND ease withdrawal symptoms. A daily dose of 28mg can help aid depression and anxiety, but it’s not an SSRI, in that it doesn’t work the same way as pharmaceuticals. It increases BDNF in the brain, thereby enhancing the growth of new nerves and synapses in the hypothalamus and cortices. There are neurones in the ventral tegmental area of the hypothalamus, which determines resilience, ie. the ability to cope with adversity. The special carotenoids in affron® improve the functioning of these neurons. This natural solution is so effective that it’s forcing scientists to reconsider the whole basis of the current model of depression (the monomine theory), which is now being replaced by the VTA/resilience theory.

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The rise of the non-stimulant stimulant. With people more aware than ever as to what they are putting in their body and anxiety on the rise, 2022 will start to see the death of caffeine culture – people will begin to look at other ways to gain focus and energy and not rely on caffeine which can cause spikes of the stress hormone cortisol wreaking havoc with mood, anxiety and sleep. Noo-tropics (Smart drugs or Cognitive enhancers) will replace many a morning cup of coffee in the form of smart supplements – ingredients such as Cognizin (also known as citicoline) a cutting edge noo-tropic provides an increase in focus and attention by increasing the brain’s concentration of dopamine – a similar effect to caffeine but with none of the side effects. Cognizin is one of the 9 key ingredients in the LYMA formula.


Zero Damage beauty The rise in people having aesthetics from 2020-21 will continue to grow, but people are looking for less invasive procedures that can be maintained without the reliance on a clinic. Until now, the skin renewal industry has been dominated by the stress/damage approach. However, the skin is there to protect, not for us to damage it, and should not be injured for the sake of beauty. Every time we damage our skin, pathogens enter our body and with antibiotic resistance on the rise, this isn’t an ideal route to take. The LYMA Laser has recalibrated the potential of what is achievable outside of a clinic. The only medical grade laser for use at home, delivering technology capable of completely remodelling skin with zero damage to any cell in the process. Zero Damage Beauty will also see the beauty device market become more inclusive, as skincare and cosmetics brands have made big shifts to be more diverse, the aesthetics market has not kept up – with current injury-based laser and micro-needling tool treatments being dangerous for darker skin tones due to risk of scarring. Development of The LYMA Laser is the first laser suitable for darker skin tones and other brands are set to follow suit to widen their audiences. The LYMA laser doesn’t rely on damaging any cell in the process of renewal, there is no risk of scarring, therefore it’s suitable for use on darker skin tones. True inclusive beauty.


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