Wellness Trends for 2022

Lindsay Judge   |   30-12-2021

As we enter the new year we look at some of the wellness trends that will be catching on in the new year.


  1. Keeping a mood Diary

Tracking your mood in 2022 is going to make a big difference to your overall positivity. Using a journal to track your mood and feelings will not only allow you to assess how you are feeling but also to monitor patterns in your emotions and give you the opportunity to analyse and get to the root of any negative feelings you might be experiencing. Keeping track of your mood and physically writing it down with pen and paper is a great way to open up and has been proven to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.


  1. Incorporating Mindfulness into your exercise regime

We are all well aware that physical exercise helps to improve overall health, but have you thought about mental exercise? Research has shown that combining mindfulness techniques with exercise has benefits including lowering your risk of depression. Regular exercise can also boost your mood, relieve stress and reduce anxiety. Mindfulness exercises can come in the form of meditation, walking, listening to music or just taking a moment to align your mind and block out the stresses of daily life.


  1. Walking

The global pandemic saw more of us than ever getting outside and walking. And with the UAE’s winter weather there is truly no better place to walk. Walking even just for thirty minutes a day helps to improve both physical and mental health. It helps with weight loss, improves circulation, strengthens muscles and even lightens your mood. It’s also a great social activity and a great healthy way to meet friends and family. And it’s cost-free too!



  1. Hybrid Health Care

Since the start of the pandemic, we have all begun to assess our health in deeper ways than ever. Now a growing segment of health-care start-ups are going beyond what GPs can offer and analysing our general health in more detail than ever before. One of those is London-based company Bioniq. Bioniq is a pioneering health monitoring system that allows us to analyse our health and wellbeing in more detail than ever before and ultimately allow users to optimise health and wellbeing potential. The system supplies patients with personalised vitamins that will help to increase health and wellbeing over time.



  1. Skin longevity

Beauty consumers have long been invested in anti-ageing products. Whether it is for prevention or if they are looking for a “quick fix” to reduce signs of ageing. But this year will see a shift in the way women and men are approaching their skincare priorities. Skin Longevity and the future of our skin will be taken into consideration more than ever. Whether it’s opting for products that include SPF, or regularly using products before signs of ageing appear in order to care for our skin in the future. As skincare brands look more deeply into the science of anti-ageing they are able to provide products that truly have visible results and will also help to build for a future great skin as we age.