A&E Editorial: Skating into Autumn/Winter 2019 with Ermenegildo Zegna XXX’s Cool Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   16-09-2019

Discover the autumn/winter 2019 collection by Ermenegildo Zegna XXX – a cool mix of innovation and style on set with Ivan Federico.

Ivan Federico is Italy’s name to know in the skateboarding world. At just 20 years old he has already won countless awards for his country and is on his way to the Olympics in 2020. He has been skating in his small Italian neighbourhood since he was a young boy and thanks his mum (who travels everywhere with him) for supporting him to achieve his dream.


As well as being an avid skater, Federico is a strong supporter of fashion and his unique style has already got him noticed in fashion’s luxury circuit. Teaming up with Ermenegildo Zegna to present the fall/winter couture collection in this editorial shoot was the perfect pairing. Federico possesses the cool elegance that the brand is all about and his is only just beginning.


Here we get to know this promising young man a little better as he talks us through his inspiration and dreams of making it to The Olympics.






How has skateboarding been a part of your life since you were a child?


Like every kid, all I wanted is to have fun. I used to play video games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater and I wanted to be like him, he was my first hero.


What has your biggest achievement been so far?


Getting to the point I am at now, but I don’t feel totally fulfilled yet.


What is your is your biggest motivation?


To represent Italy in The Olympics and in the long term, live comfortably from skateboarding, but most of all to keep having fun.


What would you still like to achieve?


So many things, I’d like to push my goals even further, I am a person who is not easily satisfied.


How would you describe your style of skating?


Technical and smooth.


What can you tell us about your training for the Olympics?


I’ve been focusing on it for a few months now. I have an athletic trainer who is helping me become stronger and in better shape.


What does it mean to you to compete for your country?


It’s mixed feelings. Representing my country is my motivation, but in Italy skateboarding is still up and coming as a sport and not yet properly supported. You have to leave the country to find challenging skateparks and inspirations. I don’t have any proper skatepark for my level of skating near home, so I have to drive around 500km to be able to train seriously.


I wish my own nation offered better conditions, not only for myself but for so many kids that could find skateboarding as a healthy way to be educated in sports and allow them to build friendships. But definitely representing my people is something I am enormously proud of.


Skateboarding was only recently included in The Olympics – what does this mean for you?


For Italian skateboarding it is positive; hopefully it will lead to more awareness and consequently more skateparks. Once people get to know the sport and its environment they will be able to become passionate and it will be a significant evolution for the Italian scene. For me particularly, it is a good chance to evolve my skateboarding and help inspire future generations.


What do you love about Ermenegildo Zegna?


I have always liked fashion and Zegna is one of the most iconic Italian style brands in the world and I’ve always been a fan. It makes me really proud to represent Zegna!


What would you say are the common codes between yourself and the brand?


The unique and unrepeatable style of Zegna is similar to my skateboarding. My way of skating is recognisable among all. Being unique is perhaps the point that connects us.


When you’re not competing what’s your go-to outfit?


A mixture of fashion and streetwear, I always try to mix Zegna garments with my skate clothes, creating a unique blend.


You have a distinct sense of fashion style, how would you describe it in one sentence?


Unique and innovative.



Wool and cashmere suit in Syberian green, diagonal effect. D-neck in multicolour cashmere with stripes.

All Ermenegildo Zegna XXX



Dark brown corduroy Iconic triangle bag. dark brown peccary gloves, mid boot with zip and bag.

All Ermenegildo Zegna XXX



Single-breasted cotton and wool suit with printed shadow lettering, flat front trousers with side pockets and double hems with zip, shirt with graphic lettering. Metal sunglasses with vicuna lenses. High boot with zip.

All Ermenegildo Zegna XXX



Single-breasted cotton and wool suit with printed shadow lettering, flat front trousers with side pockets and double hems with zip, shirt with graphic lettering. High boot with zip.

All Ermenegildo Zegna XXX



One and a half-breasted pure wool black coat, diagonal diamond pattern. Shirt in jacquard with XXX monogram in recycled polyester. Flat front pant with XXX monogram in Syberian green recycled polyester. Grey felted hat with knit cashmere and shearling. Black belt bag. Claudio sneakers




Wool and cashmere macro check bomber jacket and cargo pants in beyus felt and oxblood. Wool shadow printed shirt in Commissar grey, XXX logo on chest. Felted working hat in chocolate plum and sneakers.

All Ermenegildo Zegna XXX



Hooded over-the-head Cavallino leather outerwear with coulisse and zip. Cargo pants in chocolate plum with velcro straps. Mid boots with zip.


All Ermenegildo Zegna XXX



Wool and cashmere half raglan one and half-breasted coat in khaki. Solid turtleneck in steppe cashmere and silk. Flat front pant in steppe cotton and wool. Metal chain belt. Gloves in nylon and black lamb. Khaki felted hat with knit cashmere and shearling. Belt bag in citrine. Claudio sneakers.

All Ermenegildo Zegna XXX