Christian Louboutin Reveals New Scent Called Loubidoo Rose

Emma Hodgson   |   05-06-2024

Christian Louboutin has revealed a brand new scent, called Loubidoo Rose.

Faceted by master perfumer Daphné Bugey, the ode was inspired by a three-dimensional expression of a rose.

Ninety per cent of the ingredients are of natural origin and are a hundred per cent vegan.

Following the perfume’s initial design, it was then brought to life via the expert extractions of a Centifolia Rose Pays Absolute, a Centifolia Rose Infusion sourced from the region of Grasse and an Otto Rose Essence.

The intoxicating trio of scents burst forth from the fragrance’s rose heart and is accompanied by head notes of cedar and base notes of musk that draw out the flower’s true character and reveal all the sensual secrets between its petals.