Can You Really Whiten Teeth in an Hour? Dr Apa Experts Reveal How LED Teeth Whitening Does (And Will!) Work

Hayley Kadrou   |   16-10-2019

When it comes to a brighter smile in a flash, more and more people are turning to LED whitening treatments. But from how they work and if they actually do, we take to the dentist chair at Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre to suss out the truth.

So many of us desire a whiter smile, but as with everything else when it comes to modern living, we want instant results. And if we can’t have instant results, we’ll settle for a pretty speedy one.


And that’s where the rise of LED teeth whitening treatments comes in. But can you really get a whiter smile in just an hour, and if so, how exactly does it work?


To answer these common queries about the process, we headed over to Dubai clinic Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre. Following up on the success of his New York clinic, Dr Michael Apa opened up shop in the UAE in 2015, bringing with him his innovative approach to modern dentistry thanks to his revolutionary new approach known as facial aesthetic design and his inventive techniques to create the most natural smile possible.


A glimpse inside the Apa Clinic treatment room


Speaking with Dr Beverley T. Watson – a crucial member of the Apa team who has been in the Dental Industry for over 20 years specialising in Dental Hygiene – as we try out the treatment for ourselves, we find out everything you’ve been wanting to ask about the process.


So, how does LED teeth whitening work?


Dr. Watson: “The LED light actually speeds up the oxidizing reaction of the whitening agent placed onto the teeth. This removes internal stains quicker than home whitening treatment, therefore whitening enamel fast!”


At Apa, the dental experts employ the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed to administrate the whitening treatment. Featuring the latest lamp technology, it is both more effective and much safer than older generation models.


After a hygienic clean to remove surface stains, the LED treatment is ready to begin. With a mouthguard (it’s not as uncomfortable as you might think, believe us) in place, protection to the gums is put in place before the whitening gel is applied to teeth. The light is then placed in front of your mouth to begin the process. Reclined in the chair watching your choice of film or show on the TV above, Dr Watson says on alert in the room should any sensitivity occur.


This lasts twenty minutes before the treatment is removed and reapplied two more times for maximum effect.


Is LED whitening suitable for everyone? If not, who?


Dr Watson: “It is suitable for people with perfect enamel i.e. no fillings on their teeth but stained from colourific products in our diet like tea/coffee/coke/smoking/dark drinks. There are many other options for people who are unhappy with their smile.


“We have a very individually tailored approach here at Apa Aesthetic, yes, we do specialize in Veneers, but this is not all we do. Best to come for a smile consultation”.


If your teeth are in relatively good order and are just in need of a boost, however, the LED treatment is highly effective – let alone simple and convenient.


Book in for a smile consultation here.


How long do the results last?


Dr Watson: “This very much depends again on your diet; how much coffee, tea and coke you drink? Do you smoke?” Avoiding such items can help keep teeth whiter for longer.


Other factors that make a difference include your day to day dental routine. If you use an electric toothbrush and floss daily, for example, stains shouldn’t build up on teeth in a hurry. Likewise, regular visits to your dental hygienist will ensure plaque and stains don’t build up, meaning a bright smile for longer.


Dr Watson assures: “Minimum six months maximum of two years without a top-up”.


At-home whitening kit


Several months after undergoing our treatment, our smile is still as white as when we left the clinic. But to get the most from your one-hour session, then invest the Apa Beauty at-home care.


We take with us the Apa Beauty’s DIY whitening strips. Another hour of wearing them at home, and once again our teeth are granted that fresh from the dentist gleam – well worth taking with you once your session is up.


So, can you really whiten teeth in one hour? We can affirm, as long as your enamel is in okay shape, then yes you can – from both the dentist chair and thanks to the easy to use at home top-ups.


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