FRED Reveals its 2022 Jewellery Collection

Fiona Lee   |   28-05-2022

We discover the latest jewellery additions to FRED’s iconic collections, each one telling a story.


Force 10 XL

Symbolising courage, strength and surpassing oneself, the Force 10 bracelet has become an iconic piece for the brand. Since it was first designed, 55 years ago, the piece has been constantly reinvented without losing its contemporary relevance. For the first time, the signature buckle becomes XL-sized. The striking, clean lines take on the outsized proportions supported by a cable of steel or gold, this gives the bracelet a more masculine style, that women will also want to embrace for its audacious look. Designed in white, yellow or pink gold, the interchangeable Force 10 XL bracelet offers new wearing options, enabling the wearer to mix and match with two-tone, two-materials as they wish.




Force 10 Colour Crush

In 2020, FRED launched the Force 10 collection’s first multicoloured buckle. Christened ‘Force 10 Colour Crush’, it now gives rise to new buckles, interchangeable cables and bracelets with multiple buckles in joyful, lively colours. This colourful collection represents an invitation to a party thrown by FRED, a colourful and joyful celebration quivering with energy. The bracelet is paved with nearly 350 fine and precious stones, including pink sapphires (tokens of wisdom), amethysts (proof of power and respect) and blue topazes (for open-mindedness). The interchangeable design is available in large or medium sizes.




Force 10 Precious Small

For this delicate, feather-light new variation of its buckle, FRED reinterprets the smaller versions of its iconic Force 10. These elegant designs feature the iconic buckle placed onto fine diamond trape-chain necklaces, sophisticated stud earrings and delicate cable rings. Each piece is paved with white diamonds that add a touch of sparkle. This elegant collection is simple and classic and can be worn in different ways as the seasons or moods change.




Chance Infinie Lucky Medal

Chance Infinie, the talisman with a subtle charm, has taken on a new size. The charm is embodied in a double-bow motif inspired by the lemniscate, the universal symbol of infinity and eternity. Chance Infinie pays tribute to the incredible faith in his own destiny that drove Fred Samuel throughout his life. In this oversized format, the charm comes clothed in three types of natural hard stone: mother-of-pearl, onyx, malachite and carnelian, attached to a 90cm-long chain.




Chance Infinie Crazy 8

Chance Infinie’s elegant linkwork has been delicately applied to three new pieces of High Jewellery. Their ultra-feminine appeal features the Maison’s signature changeable option, the pear-shaped diamond can be detached from the necklace and each earring features a double bow with neither beginning nor end, recalling the number 8, a special significance for Fred Samuel. In addition to these two pieces, completing this set is a ring.




Pretty Women Hardstone Necklaces

The Pretty Woman collection celebrates love in all its facets. Joyful, free-spirited, spontaneous, universal. For its first birthday, this collection gains six new necklaces adorned in vivid, changeable hardstone. Offered in two sizes in pink gold, the new openwork heart within the heart has a surprise in store. The reversible piece has two contrasting sides, one white and the other black or green, reminding us that, as often happens in love, opposites attract and combine.



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