An Icon For an Icon: Julia Roberts Stars in Chopard’s Latest Campaign

Lindsay Judge   |   20-04-2021


Julia Roberts shares her thoughts on happiness as she stars in the new Happy Sport campaign.


Hollywood actress Julia Roberts is the perfect embodiment of the Happy Sport campaign. With that huge smile and infectious personality, the actress represents all this collection stands for. The latest campaign starring Julia was shot by filmmaker Xavier Dolan and captures the vibrant and undeniably joyful spirit of the line.


In the short film that accompanies the launch Julia Roberts and Chopard successfully convey the vivacious tenacity of the unbreakable bond that has consistently made them shine in a shared constellation. Here we find out what makes Julia happy and what it means to be a free-spirited woman today.



What is something that makes you happy instantly? 

The sunrise. Instantly is very specific.


What is a movie that makes you happy?

The Philadelphia Story is a movie that makes me happy, to think about or to watch.


What are your top happiness tips?

Firstly be kind to others; secondly surround yourself with loving, kind, compassionate people; and thirdly kissing, followed by dancing.


What are your favourite qualities in a woman?

Depth, soulfulness and just a real personal strength.


What is your greatest extravagance?




What makes you laugh?

Cleverness; not so much things that are funny, but things that are clever: a thoughtful thread to humour.


What do dancing diamonds evoke to you?

Perhaps the idea that something is going to happen!


How does your Happy Sport watch make you feel?

There is something about having a watch and every time you look at it seeing all these sparkling diamonds whirling around; it’s pretty awesome and truly good stuff.


What does being a free-spirited woman mean today?

Being comfortable in your convictions and sharing your convictions with those around you. Not all women have those liberties and I am very grateful that I have them.


How important to you is responsible luxury?

I would say that the idea of responsible luxury is something that not enough brands pay attention to. The thing with a Maison like Chopard is that it has really pioneered the idea of having a conscience, leading the change and setting an example for other brands to follow.


What is so special about Chopard?

Chopard just represents this timeless idea of elegance and sparkle and being ladylike. You kind of think: “When I grow up I want to be having a great time and wearing watches and earrings by Chopard”… and now look at me, I’m all grown up!


What is your favourite motto? 

The motto that I repeat the most is “no way out but through”.


What’s your present state of mind?

I am really happy right now; it’s been such a beautiful day and I have felt such a really great sense of kinship that I had not expected today, so I’m super happy.