Anne de Vergeron, Repossi CEO Discusses the Brand’s Growing Presence in the Middle East

Lindsay Judge   |   05-06-2022

As one of the few high jewellery Maisons to still have the founding family at the heart of everything they do Repossi has a unique outlook. The story of the brand began in 1957, when Costantino Repossi opened his first boutique in Turin.


He was fascinated by Art Deco design and incorporated these recognisable elements into his jewellery pieces. After his death, his son Alberto decided to take the brand further than just one physical location. He added an international dimension by moving to Monte-Carlo in the late seventies, where he became the official jewellery for the Royal family of Monaco. This took the brand to a new level of glamour and attracted the attention of celebrities and VIPs around the world. In 1986 the house found its home at Place Vendôme in Paris and has been there ever since. Repossi became known for its modern designs with timeless appeal that attracted the attention of women of all ages.


In 2007 Gaia Repossi became Creative Director of the brand. Since taking on the role she has regenerated the vision of the house by reinventing the traditional codes of jewellery in a unique way. She combines traditional jewellery design with art and architectural influences to create bold pieces intended to be worn as a second skin or “Art à Porter.” The brand is renowned for its creations that play with traditional and modern techniques, its “floating diamonds” design characterises many of the pieces and makes them instantly recognisable.


This year Repossi participated in the Doha Watches and Jewellery Exhibition; an event that it holds in high regard each year. At the 2022 edition of the annual event, the brand unveiled some exclusive designs inspired by the region. Here we find out more about the exclusive collection with CEO Anne de Vergeron, as well as the plans for further expansion in the Middle East.



What can you tell us about Repossi’s participation in the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition?

Repossi has had a long-established presence at the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition thanks to Alberto Repossi. It is an event we prepare for all year long and we look forward to it. We are so enthusiastic to present our latest exclusive designs to our Qatari customers. It is a major moment in the year for us.


Why is this an important market for the brand?

Although I believe that Repossi’s power of attraction is international, the brand’s values resonate particularly in the Middle East. The combination of Place Vendôme’s excellence, Italian and French craftsmanship, stone selection, family heritage and modern attractivity, reminds me of Middle Eastern women today.


What can we expect to see from Repossi in the Middle East moving forward?

Currently, Repossi is present in Europe, The United States, Japan and the Middle East, however, we still have quite a limited presence in the region. We would like to reinforce this presence over the coming years. We recently reopened our local flagship store at The Dubai Mall and in the near future, we would love to organise high profile exhibitions in the Middle East.



Can you share a little about the new collections that were being showcased at the exhibition in Doha?

We are very proud to showcase the worldwide premiere of Repossi’s Brevis expended set from our High Jewellery Collection. Brevis illustrates Repossi’s constant capacity to challenge traditional iconic jewellery pieces.


What do you think makes Repossi unique as a brand today?

I love the consistent blend of ethnic jewellery infused with modern artistic inspirations while preserving the best craftmanship (French and Italian) techniques. The strength of Repossi is to make exceptional pieces feel extremely simple, such as the Berbere or Blast rings. Timeless ethnic styles combined with modern art inspiration create the ultimate blend we strive for.


Tell us about high jewellery at Repossi – what are the values, who is the customer and what is the vision around this collection?

High jewellery has always been at the heart of Repossi. It has been the true expression of our style since the early days of the Maison: Alberto Repossi set a 100-carat diamond necklace for Donatella Versace in the nineties. Gaia’s creation process always starts with high jewellery design and all of our key collections today derive from high jewellery lines.

As one of the few jewellery houses with the original family still closely involved, how does the family heritage and legacy of Repossi shine through in everything the brand does today?

I have a huge admiration for Gaia and her creative universe. She has succeeded, over the last 15 years, to question traditional jewellery codes and to push the boundaries of this extremely codified sector while always respecting the Place Vendome heritage. As a perfect illustration, Serti Sur Vide and Brevis are the Repossi reinterpretation of the traditional iconic jewellery standards: respectively “Solitaire” and “Toi & Moi”.


What is something you would still like to do with the brand that you haven’t done yet? 

Many things, I believe there is a strong appeal to the brand and there is lots to be done, there are, many stores to be opened for instance.

What else is in the pipeline for Repossi for the remaining part of 2022? 

We have many activations this year around our core collections (Antifer and Berbere) as well as some exciting exhibitions coming up! Our tribute collection with the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, it is currently exhibited at the Gagosian Gallery in New York, and will be exhibited in Selfridges in October during Frieze and in Dubai at the end of the year.


What is the professional motto that you live by?

Always learn.


How would you describe the brand in one word? 



What is your favourite piece of jewellery to wear?

My favourite piece is the Berbere Chromatic Dubai. I am a great admirer of the Berbere Collection in general and I never leave my Dubai edition at home. I love the lacquered dark green, it always comes with me!

What is a message that you would send to your customers and friends in the Middle East?

Repossi is a 65-year-old Maison originating from the Place Vendôme with strong savoir-faire in High Jewellery: a major heritage passed down to Gaia Repossi, the Creative Director and Granddaughter of the founder. The brand succeeds in giving an extremely modern and timeless vision of jewellery. I believe it’s one of the only brands from the Place Vendôme that perfectly connects tradition, heritage, modernity and avant-gardism.