Boucheron Launches New High Jewellery Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   11-07-2020

Boucheron Creative Director Claire Choisne presented the Maison’s latest high jewellery collection via a virtual presentation earlier this week.


The collection “Contemplate” was inspired by the beauty of the sky and brought together traditional craftsmanship and new technology to create really special one-of-a-kind pieces.



Claire Choisne said of the seventy-seven piece collection “For years, I have wanted to capture the ephemeral, to convey the poetry of present moments, the purity of the sky, light effects. The jeweller’s art is about stopping time in its tracks, making instants eternal when, by their very essence, they are not”.



This collection is very personal to the Creative Director who has long had a fascination with the sky and the chosen name “Contemplation” suggests a very emotional approach. Choisne worked hard to bring new techniques and materials to the table that have never been seen before in the world of high jewellery.



Materials were sculpted to represent the true magic moments of the sky, from the precise second a droplet of raindrops,  to the weightlessness of a cloud, to the lightness of air.



For the collection, the Maison developed new materials including a special substance used in space by NASA to gather stardust. This mystery matter – 99.8% composed of air and silica – varying in colour according to the light is enclosed in a shell of rock crystal set with diamonds. It’s unlike anything else in the world and really gives a unique touch to this collection.



Two one-off watches feature laser-engraved grey mother-of-pearl dial of Épure Miroirs Infinis with a 3D image of clouds, whose presence is illuminated by diamonds. And the second features a dial decorated with 3D white dandelion seeds and a diamond-set crown, as well as a flying tourbillon which seems to float in the air until the end of time.