Boucheron’s New High Jewellery Collection is Fit For a Queen

Lindsay Judge   |   26-01-2023

Queen Elizabeth II was the owner of an aquamarine and diamond double-clip brooch from the age of 18. This was a cherished possession that she continued to wear for many decades. Inspired by this brooch Claire Choisne, Boucheron’s Creative Director decided to create a collection that focused on this elegant piece and gave it a new modern meaning, reinterpreting its Art Deco design through eighteen new designs.


“Histoire de Style, Like a Queen” debuted as part of Paris Fashion Week with a selection of pieces that transcend generations, styles ad genders.



“Three years ago, when I started looking for inspirations for this collection in the Boucheron archives, I couldn’t get my mind off that Art Deco double clip brooch”, explains Claire Choisne. “The severity and geometry of the Art Deco design, tempered by the softness and light blue hue of the aquamarines, always fascinated me. I was touched by the sentimental value of this double clip, which Queen Elizabeth II wore at pivotal moments in her reign.”



Inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s distinctive style, formidable character and effervescent presence, Claire Choisne thought it most fitting to work with this particular design and to bring it up-to-date in a collection that surpasses all genres. “Being able to wear a piece in a number of ways, as well as the use of colour, were central to our work on this collection, so that both men and women may wear these pieces. We wanted these eighteen variations to reflect the ease with which the original was worn, since the two clips may be attached in various ways, on their own or together. We also wanted this collection to convey the elegance distinctive of this Art Deco piece.”



Each piece of this Histoire de Style collection reflects the unique spirit of the two cerulean clips. A cherry ruby necklace, a pink tourmaline brooch, an azure aquamarine cuff bracelet, earrings adorned with lush emeralds… Histoire de Style, Like a Queen, stands out with its monochrome plays on joyful, intense colours, inspired by the spirit of the bright outfits that Queen Elizabeth famously wore.



Histoire de Style, Like a Queen, transcends its initial objective – constructing a complete High Jewellery collection inspired by a single piece.