Discover Boucheron’s Middle East Exclusive Campaign

Lindsay Judge   |   15-11-2020

Boucheron presents its new Middle East campaign; Legacies.


The new image showcase the Houses latest collections and put three Middle East-based women and their families in the spotlight.


Boucheron Legacies – Nour Arida – Serpent Bohème necklace 23 motifs, YG, diamonds, Serpent Bohème ring 6 motifs, YG, diamonds, Serpent Bohème L motif, YG, diamonds


Each of the three women speaks of the values passed on to them which have enabled them to shape their own style.


Boucheron Legacies – Saira Arshad – Quatre White Edition earrings, Quatre Radiant Edition YG ring, Quatre Radiant Openwork Edition ring and Jack


The three; Nour Arida, Jessica Kahawaty and Saira Arshad are surrounded by their friends and families. Nour Arida, her mother and her daughter chose to wear pieces from the Serpent Bohème collection. Jessica Kahawaty and her mother are adorned with jewels from the Plume de Paon collection. Lastly, Saira Arshad and her friends wear items from Quatre and Jack de Boucheron collections.


Boucheron Legacies – Saira Arshad and friends


The Legacies campaign is exclusive to the Middle East, where custom-made vitrines of the Boucheron stores will be showcasing the icons of the Maison. It highlights the legacy of Boucheron, a House that has never ceased to place women at the heart of its creations. For the style of Boucheron is designed by them and with them.