Discover Dinh Van: The Minimalist Luxury Jeweller

Lindsay Judge   |   21 - 10 - 2020

Jean Dinh Van founded his jewellery brand at Paris in 1965.


dinh van brought a spirit of freedom by introducing design to the world of fine jewellery with modern, minimalist pieces. Today the Maison creates architectural, pure, modern jewellery in inimitable style. dinh van creates everyday luxury, freed from the constraints of convention, its creations are made for strong, emancipated women who wear jewellery for themselves, not for those who look at them.


Mr. Thierry Vasseur, General Manager at dinh van shares secrets to the longevity of the jewellery House.


Mr. Thierry Vasseur, General Manager at dinh van


What can you tell us about the return of customers to the stores post-COVID-19?

Well, we have to say that we are very lucky! Not even two months after the complete lockdown of our stores and retailers all around the world, our faithful clients came back. In most of our markets, the results are good, higher than expected!


Have you seen any ways in which buying patterns of customers have changed?

During the lockdown, our e-commerce platform has experienced phenomenal growth and our online-sales are still superior compared with what they were last year. I think our customers have got used to purchasing online.



What can you tell us about dinh van in the Middle East?

It’s been almost a year since dinh van opened his store at The Dubai Mall. We’ll celebrate its first year anniversary in December. This is the largest store of our network.


Are there any styles or collections that are particularly popular in the region?

The customers in the GCC region are very enthusiastic about the Pulse collection, especially in pink gold with diamonds.


Le Cube Diamant Ring


The Menottes bracelet is of course an icon for the brand – what do you think makes this bracelet so popular?

The Menottes design is emblematic of our brand and best expresses our DNA. Created by Jean Dinh Van in 1976, this collection turned the world of French jewellery upside down. While traditional jewellers strive to make the clasp as discreet as possible, dinh van uses it as the centrepiece for all the collections. The Menotte clasp is particularly difficult to open once worn, thereby inspiring its name after the French word: handcuffs. Even 40 years after its creation, the Menottes collection and pieces are still as popular as ever: both for their timeless unique design and for the freedom of spirit that emanates from it. Wearing a dinh van cuff bracelet means being part of this liberate and strong lover tribe!


What can you tell us about the latest collections in store – what should we look out for?

The jewellery industry has a much slower pace than the fashion industry. We launch, on average, a new collection every three/four years. The latest collection launched was at the end of 2017, the Pulse dinh van. That doesn’t mean that our collections don’t evolve in the meantime! We release about fifty new models per year. For the end of the year, we are notably launching three exceptional models in our iconic collection: Menottes dinh van.



When there is so much competition how do you ensure customers come to you? 

Since the creation of our brand in 1965, we have been faithful to the founding principle of our company. We propose minimalist designs that accompany the customers at every moment of their life. Remaining sincere and faithful to what we were and what we will be is the key to the success of the House. We are able to keep our customers loyal by not following the trends of the seasons, but we offer them jewellery that represents our image of being timeless and humble.


Can we expect to see dinh van further expand in the region?

Indeed that’s what we are hoping! Our flagship store in The Dubai Mall is our first step in the GCC, we have contacts for upcoming openings in the region. Stay tuned!


Menottes bracelet


Do you think the way in which women wear jewellery today has changed and how?

Nowadays, women wear their pieces of jewellery differently than fifty years ago. For many reasons, their way of life has changed, they work, they are independent and they have self-confidence. They wear their jewels for themselves and not for those who look at them.

Our jewels represent this change. In the 60s, our founder Jean Dinh Van launched his House because he felt and wanted to enhance the changes of the generation all around Europe, touching all the creative sectors. For instance, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Cardin invented the ready-to-wear when only made-to-order fashion was available. Dinh Van Paris has been created with the same will, bring the jewellery in the streets of Paris, worn by any type of women any time of the day, disrupting the codes!



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