Experience Matrimonial Bliss With Buccellati’s Romanza Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   06-06-2024

Buccellati is shining a spotlight on its expanded ‘Romanza’ collection this month. 

The pieces within the collection were each crafted using traditional Italian goldsmith techniques which date back to the Renaissance Era. Moreover, every piece within the collection is uniquely crafted through bespoke engraving techniques. 

Adding to the romance of the collection, each style is also inspired by a muse from European literature. 

Those inspirational characters include Ginevra loved by Lancelot, Antiope from The Queen of the Amazons, Beatrice from Dante Alighieri, Carlotta from Elective Affinities, Titania from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Bradamante from Lodovico Ariosto. Then there is Penelope, a mythological symbol of unwavering fidelity; Lavinia, betrothed in the Aeneid; Juliet, who loves her Romeo, and Isotta, tormented by her feelings for Tristan. 

The wedding-inspired collection includes rings designed expressly for the big day, with the lightness and magic of the tulle technique, with hand engravings which are typical of Buccellati’s style, with diamonds that illuminate a promise. 

They are all rings with precious workmanship, so ornate yet so unexpectedly simple and pure in their style that they immediately attract admiration 

Beyond, the wedding bands, the collection also features other unique pieces including the Antiope earrings, bracelet and pendant. Elsewhere, the Carlotta design has evolved into a series of complementary objects, such as necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets. 

Among the latter are the tennis bracelet, embellished with diamonds alternating with hand-engraved elements, and the flexible bracelets, which feature one to three decorative elements set with diamonds. These are bracelets with very precious workmanship, yet so unexpectedly simple and pure that they immediately attract our admiration. 

There is also a ‘mini’ version of the “Carlotta” pattern with a minimalist design compared to the original proposal, for a more accommodating and day-to-day wearability. 

Still playing with white gold and diamonds, the flexible bracelets feature one to three decorative elements, the tennis bracelet becomes more linear and thin, and the pendant recreates a precious design that does not go unnoticed. 

To complete the collection there are exquisite men’s cufflinks in the Carlotta and Antiope design versions. Ensuring every part of the wedding is dedicated to matrimonial bliss.