Jewellery Focus: Donna Hourani

Dana Mortada   |   12-12-2017

Ibreh W Kheit Citrine

Daboos Shaar Kbeer

Daboos Shangal Chocker

Daboos Shangal Chocker

Phoenician Thimble ring

Dabos Shangal Earring

Hajar Shak Citrine

Ibreh W Kheit Blue Topaz

Daboos Shaar Sghir

Born in Lebanon and raised in Dubai, Donna Hourani’s strong love for fine jewellery came naturally. Being surrounded by the world of design, her grandmother who was an acclaimed fashion designer and seamstress and her mother a reputable artist, their creativity had a big impact on Hourani while growing up.


Hourani pursued a degree in Interior Architecture, which allowed her to discover the main fundamentals of design. After years of traveling and two children later, Donna revisited the jewellery world and decided to take courses at the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) to enrich her knowledge of precious stones and their properties. The young designer has a deep appreciation for art and dance and of course gem stones.


Today the young fine jewellery brand is famous for it’s minimal, sophisticated and feminine designs, with the use of top-of-the-line materials, and graceful shapes that show Hourani’s intricate attention to detail.


Her latest collection ‘Jaroor El Teta’- translates to Grandmother’s Drawer; the Lebanese jeweller pays homage to her loving
Grandmother with a collection of fine pieces inspired by domestic items discovered as a child, going through her grandmother’s drawer.

“All over the world there are women like my Grandmother, hard-working and independent, who do what they do without any recognition. These are the women I want to wear my pieces. It’s a story that everyone can relate” the designer explains.


Decorated with natural sourced gemstones such as Tourmaline, Citrine and Blue Topaz, this season’s unique collection features ‘knickknack’ designs that have been translated to desirable fine jewellery pieces. Including sinuous needle and thread earrings, Phoenician designed thimble rings, single labyrinthine hairpin earrings and jeweled safety pin necklaces all created in 18k rose, white and yellow gold.


The designer is heavily inspired by strong, hardworking women and with this particular collection, Donna’s goal is to empower women through the translation of these domestic, everyday items into fine objects of desire that reflect the value and strength of women.


Check out the full  ‘Jaroor El Teta’ collection by Donna Hourani in the gallery above.


Donna Hourani jewellery is found across various boutique stores in the Gulf region as well as her e-commerce site.



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