Jewellery Focus: Vik Jethwani

Dana Mortada   |   09-01-2018

Wanderlust Leaf Ring


Orchid Earrings


Tanzanite Wanderlust Cuff


Round Uncut Diamond Studs


Butterfly Baroque Studs


Green Bouquet Button Earstuds


Double Bonbon Studs

A Dubai-based jewellery house founded by Vik and  Natasha Jethwani- it is a contemporary fine jewellery brand focused on unique diamonds, pearls and precious stones created in modern luxe designs suitable for both men and women.



Vikram is a certified gemologist and a graduate from Gemological Institute of America. The designer comes from strong jewellery background- where he followed his grandfather’s foot-steps, who was the third largest exporter of pearls in Kobe, Japan in the ’60s and ’70s and later worked closely with Robert Wan and Mikimoto. After spending seven years in New York, Vikram decided to move back to his home country, Dubai to launch his very own diamond jewellery brand.


Set out to bring a little of New York to Dubai, Vikram joined hands with Natasha, also comes from a strong design background. Born and raised in Dubai, but pursued a degree in Fashion Marketing degree in London. Having knowledge in both fashion and interior design industries, Natasha was ready to explore the jewellery world. With Vikram’s expertise in jewellery design, the duo brought out the best in each other not only creatively and but as the perfect fashion forward co-business partners as well.


Today, Vik Jethwani Fine Jewellery is famous for their  fine-cut diamonds, pearls, wedding pieces, engagement rings and fine fashion jewellery pieces. What defines the label’s philosophy is their high-standard quality, like no other eccentric design and refined craftsmanship skills.


Click through the gallery above to view some of our favourite Vik Jethwani Fine Jewellery pieces.



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