Morning Coffee With… Duha Al Ramadan

  |   21 - 12 - 2016


Founder of Aubade Jewellery Boutique, Kuwaiti living in Kuwait.


What’s your morning routine before work?

Circuit training with my personal trainer, it’s my caffeine kick!

How do you decide what to wear in the morning?

My mood dictates my outfit 99 per cent of the time, but comfort is key.

Three items you can’t live without?

Burt’s Bees lip balm, Jose Eber curling iron and my iPhone.

Favourite place you like to go to in Kuwait?

Kuwait City, it’s thriving with gentrification.

What did you do last night?

Went to an art gallery showcasing local artists.

Complete the sentence: My perfect holiday would be…

On a yacht in St Barths.

What book are you reading at the moment?

The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath.

Tell us a fact about you that nobody knows.

I’m a secret nerd. Not many people know that I graduated with a 4.0 GPA in both high school and engineering school.

Your favourite designer at the moment?

It’s a close call between Balenciaga and Gucci. Loving their FW16 collections.

Your current style inspiration?

Giorgia Tordini, co-founder of the clothing line Attico. Love her street style!

Who would you like to be stuck on a desert island with?

The Fray – they’re my favourite band so I would listen to them sing all day.

Three things you hate?

Deadlines, negative people, and sold out items!

What’s your personal motto?

Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.

How do you want the world to remember you?

I want to be remembered for shifting the jewellery scene in Kuwait and breaking the jewellery mould in the region.