Piercing Guru Maria Tash presents her Fall/Winter 2020 collection With Her Largest Offering Yet

Lindsay Judge   |   14-09-2020

Maria Tash has taken the world by storm with her luxury piercing concept. Her store in The Dubai Mall has been an incredible success since its opening, introducing the region to the world of luxury piercing and its elegance.


This September, the American-born piercing queen presents her latest collection that weaves together fine jewellery design and luxury piercing.


This collection is the largest ever from the brand and introduces new designs and styles.



The collection introduces the new Triple Silhouette Spike Diamond Eternity which is a new update on an iconic Maria Tash design. Maria converted the classic gold spikes to diamonds and incorporated the faceting of a modern cut stone to achieve a minimalist approach to setting and a maximalist approach to style.

Maria Tash FW20 Invisible Set Diamond Crescendo Bar Threaded Stud Earring in White Gold


Modern unique diamond shapes make this collection both fresh and innovative. The new invisible solitaire, now in a triangular shape, embodies the sharp angles characteristic of the spike collection. Low pro le silhouette cut diamonds in long trapezoidal shapes take the invisible setting one step further and sit closer to the skin to create a ‘floating’ effect.

Maria Tash FW20 Invisible Set Diamond Apsara Curve Threaded Stud Earring in Rose Gold


Structure supports movement in the new prong set diamond drapes, diamond crescendo and tassel bar styles. The pieces move with the wearer but are securely held by the fixed orientation of the designs. Unexpected placements and innovative mechanisms hide the wearable component in the anatomy of the ear and create a look of seamless continuity.

Maria Tash FW20 Invisible Set Diamond Apsara Bar Threaded Stud Earring in White Gold


Sharp, linear bar designs and diamond spikes are balanced by the softness and drapery of the new chain charms. The chain charm styles create the option to accentuate existing jewellery and further the process of curation by adding movement to an established look.


The Fall/Winter 2020 Collection will be available to shop online on www.mariatash.com and across all Maria Tash locations globally on September 14, 2020.