Pierre Rainero, Image, Style and Heritage Director of Cartier Presents the Maison’s New Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   05-11-2022

Seeing the beauty of the world, preserving it, and above all, enriching it, are values that have continuously influenced Cartier’s philosophy since the beginning.


The new high jewellery collection reaffirms these values as it celebrates the jeweller’s ability to create beauty through design, the tension of lines, geometry and abstraction. Clean lines balance with the interplay of stones to amplify the elements of nature and culture that inspire the collection, creating masterpieces of design and craftsmanship.


“This collection enriches the Cartier vocabulary from all the natural beauty it embodies, through treasures from the sea, exotic animals, succulent plants with delectable fruit, or intriguing traditional objects, from both here and elsewhere.” Explains Pierre Rainero, Image, style and heritage Director of Cartier. Featuring the finest coloured gemstones, diamonds and metals, Cartier’s expert artisans have created a collection that showcases the best of the Maison’s abilities in a timeless yet contemporary way.



Beautés du Monde is born from the desire to recognize and pay tribute to the beauty of the world wherever it may be, through the stones we chose and that reflect the elements of nature as well as the cultures that inspired this new collection. The designer interprets the emotional message and the beauty that each stone carries.” Said Pierre Rainero. The Maison’s Craftsman took on the challenge to recreate beautiful objects of nature in a way that’s both elegant and modern. Working over a series of months each piece was made from start to finish by hand by some of the world’s most skilled artisans.


“This collection is about seeing the beauty of the world, preserving it, and above all, enriching it. These are values that have continuously influenced Cartier’s philosophy. Through the material and the volume, the light and the colours, each piece is a source of stimulation for our imagination, showcasing the beauty of nature and of worldwide cultures, hence the name. Every collection is an opportunity to unveil a new and distinctive aspect of the Cartier style, a style as you know that is unique and multi-faceted at the same time. In this collection, Cartier’s codes are present in the colour combinations, the different shapes and volume of the stones, their particular settings and the overall design of the pieces, where all the materials are assembled.” Explains Rainero.


“A collection is a family.” He said. “Each piece has a specific character and brings its own touch to the collection. It has a special connection with the person wearing it. This special connection is very different from one another. Stones are always at the heart of our creations and collections. We consider all of them as the key to spread emotions through our High Jewellery pieces.” We discover some of the highlight pieces of the collection.


The Nouchali necklace


The Nouchali necklace features a stylised approach to a water lily, capturing the centre of this aquatic flower with a unique sculpture. The centre of the necklace has a true ‘wow factor’ thanks to its central 10.61-carat rubellite, which is surrounded by diamond petals and onyx, creating an impression of volume. The petals are geometrically shaped to create symmetry and a design reflective of the brand’s DNA. The design of this necklace features a “trembling” setting, which animates the petals by allowing them to vibrate slightly at the slightest movement. The centrepiece is complemented by a long necklace featuring lilac-coloured chalcedony beads. Each bead was threaded one by one to create a light and delicate drop.


The Water Aspis


The Water Aspis is a true expression of Cartier style, featuring a flexible water snake decorate with the finest blue sapphires, triangular diamonds and lapis lazuli. At the centre of the necklace are five impressive Ceylon sapphire cabochons that punctuate the body of the snake with an intense blue hue. Geometric shapes follow the lines of the snake with openwork between them as it hugs the neck.


The Recif necklace


The Recif necklace is inspired by the marine ecosystem, celebrating the beauty of coral reefs with a bold and bright design. Lush green emerald and coral-hued beads are positioned along a diamond atoll for an intense chronomantic contrast. The statement appearance is further enhanced by the twisting movement given to the coral and emerald beads which allow the white sparkle of the diamonds to shine through.


The Apatura


The Apatura piece is inspired by the captivating colours of a butterfly wing. Featuring three stunning Australian opals weighing 22.08 carats at its centre, this piece makes a bold statement. The iridescent opals are framed by geometrical motifs composed of diamond bars and blue sapphire beads whose shade of colour echoes the opal’s fire. It is not a question of reproducing a butterfly figuratively, but of suggesting it through an abstract composition, a display of shimmering colours that evoke the idea of the most marvellous of insects from far and wide. This versatile necklace can also be worn with or without a pendant and the pendant can alternatively be worn as a brooch.


The Rituel necklace


The Rituel necklace pays tribute to the beauty of embellishments with a close connection to traditional Mesoamerican jewellery. Composed of a double row of azure chalcedony beads the necklace unfolds to showcase an iridescent constellation of rubies. Subtle and delicate, the patterns alternate between diamond cones and faceted rubies that seem to hang without any link between them through an invisible setting. Its graphic lines feature soft turquoise cabochon-cut chalcedony with soft pink and blue tones highlighted by intense black onyx.


The Iwana necklace


The Iwana necklace was inspired by the skin of a green iguana. Featuring diamonds and emeralds it lays across the neck in perfect symmetry. The scales of the creature are further emphasised by a geometric succession of diamond-paved triangles, creating an open-work between each other. Three Colombian emeralds weighing 43.45 carats finish the remarkable piece.



A collection of captivating cocktail rings draws inspiration from the depths of the deep and its unique beauty. Statement pieces recreated some of the sea’s creatures in a unique and modern way, designed as if they were sculptures. All of the rings are enhanced by an interplay of coloured stones and diamonds.



Triangular diamonds, purple spinels, cabochon tourmalines or green diamonds: the stones in each of the rings, beloved by the Maison for their extra touch of soul, are a testament to the originality of Cartier’s choices.