Pomellato Launches Its First Ever High Jewellery Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   15-07-2020

Pomellato has unveiled its first High Jewellery collection; La Gioia that celebrates the true DNA and values of the House.


The landmark launch for the brand sees the Italian House evolving into the world of High Jewellery for the first time.


The collection of 165 pieces brings the modern spirit and Italian craftsmanship of the Pomellato to the High Jewellery sector, with each piece telling a unique story and highlighting masterful savoir-faire.



“La Gioia di Pomellato truly expresses who we are – our deepest identity – and Pomellato is not an elitist jeweller. This collection reflects the Italian art of living, where one does not make a distinction between everyday jewellery and ceremonial jewellery, between the jewels that one wears and those that one leaves in the vault.  In Italy, beauty is not to be feared, it is to be revered!” said Sabina Belli, Pomellato CEO.


Each of the exquisite pieces was made in the Casa Pomellato workshop by the House’s skilled craftsman who worked to hand-carve and hand-set the jewels, from start to finish.




The collection of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings celebrates the House’s love for colour and the use of unusual gemstones, irregular settings and carefully hand-carved designed. It is a celebration of the true DNA of the brand.


“Our DNA is what nourishes the inspiration of our High Jewelry,” explains Vincenzo Castaldo, the Creative Director of the brand. “We reinvent our iconic Nudo rings, the Tango chain, Ritratto’s mineral stones, but meanwhile we maintain a balance between masterful craftsmanship and the audacity of a creation. La Gioia speaks in the Pomellato language but in an even more unrestrained, more reckless, more sophisticated way. In this collection, the High Jewelry pieces act as our veritable protagonists: the stars of Pomellato design.”




Highlights of the collection include:


The Gourmette Caméléon; a choker that embraces the house’s love of chains, 29 gold links are set with a gradation of multicoloured gemstones. Requiring nearly 200 hours of work to create, the piece’s gourmette chain shines like a ‘rainbow’ – a symbol of hope.


Inspired by the Nudo collection, the Nudo Cascade is composed of a necklace and earrings with chandelier links, swinging with the grace of the neck. In pink gold hand-set with diamonds, the first necklace is an ode to white, in frosted topazes lined with iridescent mother-of-pearl. As for the second, it has been enhanced with peridots and white topazes, sublimated with the joy of intense green tsavorites.




The Iconica Choker encrusted with diamonds is remarkably minimalistic in its structure, yet with an incredible resplendence that required 226 hours to create. Its solid circle of pink gold is paved with a hand-set gradience of 1,706 white diamonds for a tactile perfection. The fineness of its stone-settings is such that when touched, the gold seems to be almost covered with a silky skin: it feels as if it were literally diamond-coated.


Rivière Grenat expresses itself with a deep red accent in order to punctuate the asymmetry of its rose gold choker. The beauty of its rare pyrope garnet is complemented by clusters of cognac diamonds. Rivière Péridot Menthe illuminates the bright almond green of its stones, as their bluish undertones are in fact unusual within the peridot family.




For Sabbia of Tahiti, precious pearl spheres round off on three models of exquisite refinement, incorporating both gold and diamonds. With true glamour, the jeweller sculpts this Y-shaped necklace to fall from a row of Tahitian pearls, dropping with a pink-gold chain. As a pendant, a circular swarm of white, cognac and black diamonds is hand-set with irregular sertissage. Pomellato crafts clip earrings and a double finger ring for the collection.