Prada Reveals Its First Fine Jewellery Collection Eternal Gold

Lindsay Judge   |   17-10-2022

Prada’s first fine jewellery collection “Eternal Gold” promotes sustainability as the first truly sustainable fine jewellery collection by a global brand, using 100 per cent certified recycled gold.


The collection embodies the idea of unique pieces created with a future in mind, pieces that can be passed between generations, to stand the test of time.



As the debut collection of fine jewellery from the brand, Prada draws inspiration from its heritage and timeless motifs including the Prada triangle as well as other geometric shapes and lines. The triangle can be seen throughout each piece in the collection which consists of pendants, earrings and bracelets.


The recycled gold used in the collection meets the ‘Chain of Custody’ standards set by the Responsible Jewelry Council. This ensures that every step of the production is verifiable and traceable – something offered by no other fine jewellery or luxury fashion house in the world.



The gold used in the new modern pieces is drawn only from eligible recycled material sources, and those suppliers who meet the highest industry standards concerning human rights, labour safety, environmental impact, and business ethics.


The reduction of mining of new gold benefits both environments and human rights, and while traceability of diamond origins is conventionally only possible with stones of 0.5 carat or larger, Prada expands the concept, for the first time, to stones of all sizes.



Records of this verification have been logged on the Aura Consortium Blockchain ́s platform and can be accessed by Prada fine jewellery customers who also will be able to verify the authenticity of their pieces.



The campaign which accompanies the collection stars women who are recognised for their talent and achievements, and are celebrated as individuals. The campaign features of series of images by photographer David Sims starring award-winning American poet and activist Amanda Gorman; the American actor, model, and singer-songwriter Maya Hawke; and Dutch-Korean-Canadian musician Somi Jeon.


The Prada Fine Jewelry collection will be available at Prada stores.