Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato discusses the Brand’s Growing Presence in the Middle East

Lindsay Judge   |   08-07-2022

As one of the few jewellery brands that can truly say it was born in Milan, Pomellato holds heritage and craftsmanship at its heart.


This is something that resonates very closely with the Middle East, a region that is driven by tradition and family values. The two, therefore, work seamlessly together with Pomellato being the jeweller of choice for many women in the region. As CEO Sabina Belli has a mission to promote the timeless craftsmanship and modern designs of this unique brand who was one of the first to offer a minimal take on luxury jewellery.


The jeweller recently participated in the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition which saw classic collections and new pieces on display for visitors and customers in the region to discover first-hand. Here we discover more about the special relationship between Pomellato and the Middle East and the brand’s growing success and popularity in the region.


Nudo Collection by Pomellato


Pomellato recently participated in the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition – why is Qatar and the Middle East, in general, an important market to the brand, what can you tell us about the feedback so far?

The Middle East, including Qatar, is an extremely important market for the brand. There is great knowledge and appreciation for jewellery in the region. We have been participating in the DJWE for a few years now and we see a constant growth in awareness and appreciation for Pomellato year after year with very positive results. Our Milanese design and exquisite craftsmanship meet the sophisticated local taste for precious creations. The encouraging results brought us to finally plan the opening of a Pomellato boutique in the Prestigious Place Vendôme mall, in partnership with Ali Bin Ali. The store will officially open this month and we are very excited about this key milestone in the region.


Which collections were presented and are there any new additions to the brand’s key collections this year?

Pomellato’s most iconic collections such as Nudo, Iconica, Catene, and Fantina among others, were displayed at the fair, representing the exquisite Milanese craftsmanship that has distinguished the brand since its inception in 1967. For example, Nudo is the playful and colourful collection of the brand and Iconica expresses our unmistakable goldsmithing techniques. This year we also presented some very special high-end pieces such as Sabbia made for the first time in white gold and diamonds and a sparkling Gourmette necklace with more than 1,900 diamonds.


And yes, this year there were some new additions. We showed some unique creations from La Gioia, Pomellato’s high jewellery collection, including a spectacular La Gioia necklace in white gold and diamonds featuring a unique green tourmaline of more than 50 carats. Creations like these reflect Pomellato’s unmistakable craftsmanship, the brand’s joyful style and signature designs: our love for colour, our passion for gourmette chains and mastery of irregular gem settings, always carefully handmade by our artisans at Casa Pomellato in Milan.


LA GIOIA di Pomellato CATENE in white gold with diamonds by Pomellato worn


What can you tell us about the future of Pomellato in the Middle East? 

Pomellato has a strong potential to grow in the region thanks to its unique positioning: an internationally recognised Milanese luxury fine jeweller whose creations are the expression of a strong Italian tradition that marries masterful craftsmanship and unique design.


What do you find women in this region are looking for when it comes to their jewellery choices?

I think women in the region are very sophisticated and are great connoisseurs when it comes to jewellery. They appreciate contemporary designs with a strong sense of style and with personality. Pomellato offers a chic, elegant style of uncompromising quality (all our jewels are hand-made in Milano!), precious and at the same time easy to wear. I think women also appreciate that Pomellato proudly uses only 100% responsible gold.


Nudo rings and earrings by Pomellato


Can you share any updates on the upcoming high jewellery collection? 

La Gioia by Pomellato, our high jewellery collection, has given us a lot of satisfaction because it epitomises the brand’s savoir-faire and expresses the quintessence of Pomellato’s joyful style. Each piece is a sublimation of our unique aesthetic codes. And our customers have truly appreciated the unmistakable Pomellato design and unconventional approach. There will be a new collection to be released soon, so stay tuned!


What in your opinion sets Pomellato apart from others?

Pomellato was the first brand to introduce the pret-à-porter philosophy to the world of jewellery and to use unconventional coloured gemstones that were not considered in mainstream jewellery. This free-spirited approach that has driven the brand since its inception is still at the heart of what we do. Pomellato jewels are uniquely daring with their combinations of colours and materials, surprising proportions and distinctive design.


Iconica earrings in rose gold and diamonds by Pomellato


Pomellato has many collections that could be considered icons today – what in your opinion makes something iconic?

I believe that something is iconic when it is timeless, unique and recognisable. An icon has a strong symbolism that widely resonates, for each one of us.


Can you share anything on the next chapter of the Pomellato For Women project?

Women are at the centre of the Pomellato universe, and the Pomellato for Women project is a core pillar of the brand. A platform with a strong voice, to raise awareness on important issues. There will be new projects soon, driven by the values of inclusivity and diversity and by initiatives to support women who are victims of domestic violence.


Iconica necklace in rose gold and diamonds by Pomellato


What is a message that you would send to your fans and customers in the Middle East?

Dare and be playful when mixing and matching your jewellery. Jewels are joy.